Vi-de Juegos: Puzzle Análisis

Although the interface, the characters, the gameplay and also the major facility of Author appear to have remained continuous throughout the growth, from the advance we fulfilled a couple of years ago previously, Daniel Benmergui’s game has actually changed a lot.
The Storyteller in the procedure of growth was not just a lot more difficult yet likewise a lot more playful.
The facility that we needed to comply not just had actually, occasionally counted, a tiny variant however additionally tried to fulfill a collection of considerably more intricate concrete problems during the search for the option.
For example, in the last version we locate a challenge in which we need to get the queen, who just enjoys herself, marries.
The most straight point with the pieces we have is that the baron is to date the dragon as well as kidnapping, to save it later with the camouflage removed.
Once we solve it, the video game instructs us the expanded objective of making the queen wed the dragon, so we need to alter the pieces to make the tale compose once again.
In the demo, in addition to the interaction of the dragon we had difficulties exactly how to do it in simply 4 vignettes or obtain the outcome, also extra absurd, that it was the dragon who ultimately wed the baron.
It is also apparent that in the face of the launch, several blocks of Problems have been gotten rid of, such as those that had Adam and Eva as protagonists, challenges based on the stories of the Scriptures that, although they appear in the main illustration of the video game,
They are not component of this quantity as we discover it currently.
Storyteller is an enjoyable and amusing video game however, additionally, something brief and unsatisfactory.
Experience, in its simpleness, can be finished in a little less than 3 hours that, regardless of being pleased, do not finish transmitting them the contentment we typically discover in the challenges.
In Daniel Benmergui’s game there is no edge however neither is any shocking and brilliant time of those that love the genre definitively.
It is a really well done game, based upon a fantastic concept that does not completely benefit from.
It is, possibly, the development for something else.


Because when we finish all of its problems as well as climb with the stories respond to crown;.
When this book we have actually been writing closes, we are insinuated that another thing is to find.
This quantity 1 written in the back cover does not go unnoticed.
Stories are several and also, perhaps, this was just a warning that the finest are yet to find.

In the recipe to make a great puzzle-and this is extra comparable to typical cuisine than to pastry-we have to pick logical elements that we locate in our cosmos and mix them with a series of concrete standards that only operate in fiction.
The mastery undergoes finding the appropriate factor of equilibrium;
Recognizing exactly how genuine the gravity needs to be in front of our switches and levers or just how restrictive ones ought to be the rules that we placed in front of the player’s thinking.
It is a matter of rehearsal and mistake, of failures and also successes, which will certainly always be favored by addition such as wit, a fascinating aesthetic area or a collection of shocking interactions.
In Baba Is You, one of the ideal Challenges video games in the last few years, the rules of English grammar in relation to the development of easy expressions serve us to create a collection of rational facilities under which we can travel a restricted map with a.
specific objective.
It is efficient but simple.
Sufficient and reliable.
Writer intends to attempt a similar play but fails to remember to adjust the last component, the one that is extra apparent to those outside the advancement that we only concern play: the final difficulty of the experience.
Daniel Benmergui’s proposition is based upon the rules of the story as well as comics conventions.
From a series of pieces, we will have to compose a sequence of vignettes so that we can attain a formerly established conclusion.
As an example, if we need to inform the story of the treatment of vampires we have to begin with Dracula biting among the personalities, proceed with a 2nd character uncovering the count in the crypt and also later looking for the assistance of the teacher, to finish.
With the murder of Dracula, again, in the place where he hides his casket.
To resolve this challenge we need to recognize in breakthrough the functioning of the scene/vignette as an insightful unit, the basic lore around the vampires as well as, then, the standard premise of the novel Dracula.

In Writer, we inform tales yet (nearly) always with an eye on those we already know, those stories as well as personalities that have achieved universality and are as all-natural for us as the physics that surrounds us.
Yet there is likewise some room for creativity.
In our background we can utilize essentially vignettes, as we intend to pay better or lesser interest to information, or attempt to decrease the scenes, attempting to attain the unbiased property with the minimal variety of nodes.
The tale concerning vampires can start, for instance, with Dracula alone in the center of a hillside, simply before meeting his target, or with a mine and Jon frightened before fulfilling the matter.
You can additionally end the couple, finally gathered after their journey, or with the happily healing fan for their healing.
It is fun to experiment in Writer and discover the various reactions of the personalities by putting them in unforeseen situations.
If in the collection of Victorian-inspired stories we leave Edgar or Eleanor in front of the toxin after shedding his fan, both personalities will pick to end their suffering.
If we leave Isabel, at the same time, it will certainly start to maker how to finish the lives of others.
It is fascinating that the collection of personalities that Benmergui places at our disposal have marginal personality notes that we can make use of in favor of our property or that we will certainly have to flex if the goal is not all-natural for them.
Nonetheless, and also regardless of all this, the 51 puzzles we locate in Author are still incredibly straightforward.
Very, very easy, specifically if we compare them with those we located in the trial.
Because the advance of the video game we enjoy in the Vapor Next Fest of 2021 indicated much extra ambitious title that, apparently, has actually been cut for its official launch.

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