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Spot 13.6 update notes were published on Tuesday (21) by Trouble Games.
Anticipated to get in the League of Legends on Wednesday (22) the spot has in its highlights the new fairy skins, the arrival of the new Emilio assistance, changes in elemental items and also dragons as well as a number of various other lovers and also nerfs that are defined in the series.
MOB Update 13.5, which is still active ought pertinent aficionados for champs acting upon the middle route and also the oken pact skins for CHO’ path, Miss Lot of money, Nocturne, Hakan, Riven, Vladimir and also Ayah.

Update Recap 13.6 of March 22 at League of Legends

  • New skins: fate, Katarina, strafing, flora, Batista, Real, Emilio as well as Shen;
  • New champion: Emilio;
  • Buffs in Champions: Ashe, Gallo, Talon and also Wayne;
  • Nerfs in Champions: Aurelio Sol, Hagar and Yuri;
  • Changes in Champions: Dr.
  • Products balancing: Thirsty for blood, neither tooth and fast favor blades;
  • Rune balancing: Tale: lineage as well as deadly rhythm;
  • System harmonizing: essential dragons.



Patch 13.6
With the update 13.6 the and-new skins that come to the League of Legends are from the new Fairy Core Collection, which shows up for Fate, Katarina, Strafing, Flora, Batista, Real and the and-new champ Emilio.
Shen additionally gets a guardian look from the ashes.

Inspect out the sprinkle arts listed below:


Patch 13.6

Harmonizing in Champions in LOL |

Patch 13.6

Champions Buffalo in LOL with update 13.6

nervous champions in lol with upgrade 13.6

Adjusted LOL Champions with update 13.6

Rune balancing in LOL |

Spot 13.6

worried runes in lol with update 13.6

Balancing in LOL Items |

Spot 13.6

Anxious things in LOL with update 13.6

Items changed in LOL with update 13.6

System Adjustments on LOL |

Patch 13.6
In the Organization of Legends upgrade notes the trouble Gaming discussed the choice to readjust dragons within Summoner’s Rift: they don’t desire matches to focus entirely on the reduced map.
As a result of this the incentives for massacre dragons were decreased and the buffs provided to the players when concluding this objective fidgeted.
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