Romancelvania: Explore the Mythical World of Castlevania in The Deep End Games Behind The Scenes Look at The Bachelor-Inspired Adventure

We intended to create a game that was enjoyable and gothic as well as unusual and also creepy, Lindsay said. I assume the world requires some fun, the globe requires some kookiness.

Romancelvania is slated to launch on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, and also PC on March 7, 2023.

In an exclusive dev diary, innovative director Bill Gardner, narrative supervisor Amanda Gardner, and also producer Lindsay Gardner review how playing Symphony of the Evening and also running into animals like the Salem Witch as well as Monster motivated them ahead up with a reason regarding why they lived under Dracula’s roof. The group after that shares exactly how this resulted in them providing their own light-hearted and hot take on the scenario, as well as creating Romancelvania.

If you’ve ever before wondered why a lot of mythological and also monstrous beings call Dracula’s castle their home in Castlemaine: Symphony of the Night, you’re not the only 1. In fact, that line of idea is exactly what resulted in the creation of The Deep End Gaming’ newest balmy action game, Romancelvania.


According to UI developer Catherine Sculls, it was additionally important to produce a game that combined love with scary, an oft-ignored pairing in video games. Romancelvania follows a down as well as out Dracula– affectionately referred to as DRAC– as he or she tries to locate love within their castle walls.

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