Delicious Bread and Cute Eternal Return Pop-up Store at Wilson Bakery – Do You Like Bread?


Why did you suddenly chat concerning the bread?
This is because the Everlasting Return opened the pop-up store with the launch of Shield Skin under the name ‘Wilson Bakery’.

Wilson Bakery is a pop-up shop that runs just five days from March 2 (Thu) to 6th (Mon).
If you buy a special menu that markets only throughout this duration, you can obtain a tibia route seal, coaster, photo card, Wilson bakery butter knife, and also 100% scratch lotto.

Do you like bread?
I like bread because I can enjoy it and enjoy a range of textures as well as flavors.
Specifically, it is better if it is fresh grilled bread marketed by bakery on the early morning commute.
Despite the fact that I just tried to go by, the odor of the bread that was freshly baked and caught my steps.

Additionally, you can win the scrape lotto game or three of the wild bears and the wild hens, and also if you draw out the wild countries, you will be provided products such as Wilson Bakery butter Blade+Eco Bag, Pain/Theodor/IREM Polymer Stand.

You can’t miss this excellent opportunity to consume bread as well as get the Eternal Return Product.
I likewise went to Wilson Bakery in Tongan as well as took a picture in the image.

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