Finding a Shotgun in Sons of the Forest – Uncovering Tactical Advantages Over Mutants and Cannibals

Weapons are a rarity in the children of the forest.
There are few of them, they provide the player a great tactical advantage over cannibals and also mutants using homemade instruments rather of weapons.


The shotgun is probably the king of firearms creating massive damages as well as possessing a stopping force that can eliminate also one of the most powerful mutants.
This overview will aid you find a shotgun, the most powerful firearms in Kids of the Woodland!

Where to obtain a shotgun at Boys of the Woodland?

To find a shotgun in the children of the woodland, you will first require a shovel.
He is buried in a coffin with a dead soldier in the area of the 2nd purple pen, so finding a specific place will certainly not be hard.
Just adhere to the ping on your GPS tracker.
You can use the average mouse click or parameters on the controller to boost the scale of your tracker for a much more accurate concept of where you should go.

It is challenging to discover the grave, as it is hidden in the shrubs.
It will certainly have a red item of textile.
The GPS tracker will make a sound signal with an increase in the boost as it approaches it.
Dig the grave with a shovel to locate a body inside with a shotgun.
Be cautious since there is a big cannibal camp nearby, so make certain that you have a weapon or outstanding close fight tool, such as Katina or chainsaws that will aid you deal with them.
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