The Best Mods for Hogwarts Legacy: Transform into Harry Potter, Improve Visuals & More!

Although Hogwarts Legacy arrived on the market just a few days ago, Internet users went to work fast, and there are currently several mods for the PC version of all kinds.
From those who add or eliminate certain elements in the game, going through that they expand certain aspects of adventure, to ridiculous.
In this way, here we present the best of the moment.
We are going to start with those that surely everyone already wants to try, the ridiculous.
Although it seems that some time is still missing for Hogwarts Legacy to become a circus, there is currently one that allows transforming the broom of our protagonist into Shrek and Thomas The Tank Engine.


In this way, you can travel with the best possible style.
Continuing in this sense, if you think your wand is not effective enough to defeat your enemies, you can always opt for a mod that transforms this object into a gun, or even in the iconic shot of Ash Williams.
If you do not like the character’s design, there is also the possibility of becoming a domestic elf, and getting your own freedom.
Now, going to aesthetic mods, there is a selection.
From those who add the scar of Harry Potter, going through what allow you to have a beard to feel like Hagrid, to new skin tones.
There is even a way to add to the selecting hat to your customization catalog.
Now, if you want to feel like a deadly one, you can get the Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy wand.
Last but not least, there are also mods that make the life of the player much simpler.
Such is the case of one that silence all the statues of the Flu flames, so that your journey through Hogwarts is less scandalous.
If you have Arachnophobia, there is already a simple spell that transforms these animals into simple boxes.
Arvada Cedar is a very powerful spell, and if you don’t want to wait to use it again, there is a solution for this.
If you want your adventure to be easy from the beginning, you can opt for a mod that unlocks everything, as well as one that allows you to reset your talents.
Is the riddles of the doors with animals too much for you?
Well, there is already a mod that solves this.
On the other hand, it is already possible to modify the interface size, or eliminate it completely.
Along with this, there are already mods that provide a more cinematic graphic section, more vivid colors, and more realistic lighting.
All this is already available at the moment, and it is very likely that in the future we will see more mods with different functions.
In related issues, Hogwarts Legacy had a great release.
Similarly, you can check our game review here.

Editor’s note:
If you have PC, try one or two of these mods, especially those that transform your broom into Shrek, it is something you should try at least once.
However, those who change the difficulty or unlock everything from the beginning should only be used by people who have already finished the adventure.

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