Microsoft Explains Why Xbox Game Pass Does Not Hurt Game Sales – UK CMA

Last week, a shared document by the United Kingdom competition and market authority, or CMA).
Now, given this issue, the company has clarified this issue.
As you will remember, in 2018, Phil Spencer, Chief of Xbox, said that the games that arrive day by Game Pass have an increase in sales.
At that time there was talk of Fora Horizon 4 as an example.
However, it seems that this has changed.
Thus, Euro gamer contacted a company representative to clarify their new statements, and see if Spencer’s previous comments remain in force.
This was what was commented:

Xbox Game Pass offers players and creators of games more options and opportunities in the way they discover, experience and deliver games.
For players, that means providing them with another option to discover games and play with friends at an excellent price.
For developers, that means creating another option to monetize their games.

We focus on helping games creators of all sizes to maximize the total financial value they receive through Game Pass.
Each game is unique, so we work in close collaboration with the creators to create a personalized program that reflects what they need and ensure that they receive financial compensation for their participation in the service, and accommodate creativity and innovation.
As a result, the number of developers interested in working with Game Pass continues to grow.
While these new statements do not contradict what was mentioned before the CMA, it is ensured that developers continue to consider Game Pass as a valid option to reach a greater public.
Although the exhibition and scope provided by this service was never questioned, there are still many skeptics about the generation of income and sales of this platform.
In related issues, you can learn more about the previous statements about Xbox Game Pass here.
Similarly, these are the new games for this service.
Editor’s note:
At the end of the day, many of the statements that have been shared before the CMA and other similar organizations aims to buy Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is approved.
Thus, some data are given under a specific context.

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