Fix Low Frame Rate and Stutter Issues in Hogwarts Legacy – Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

In Hogwarts Legacy, players may encounter several technical problems such as a black screen, a blue character and general malfunctions when starting.
The low frequency of frames and stuttering are some of the problems that PC players usually face.
Here’s how to fix the low frame rate and stutter on Hogwarts Legacy.

How to fix stuttering and frame rate in Hogwarts Legacy

Duration and low frequency of frames will be a problem for players using inexpensive devices.
Players with the older generation graphics cards can make some changes to the settings to stabilize stuttering and get a constant personnel frequency.
Follow the steps below to fix the problem with stuttering and frame rate in Hogwarts Legacy.

Fix the scaling

Changing the high-class type and mode to display options for Hogwarts Legacy can significantly improve work to fix stuttering and low frame rate.
This parameter provides high resolution frame rate when entering low resolution.
The parameters for the type Upscale are listed below.
NVIDIA DSS: For RTX graphic processors
AMD FSR 2: For graphic processors AMD Radeon series 6000.

  • Intel he55: For integrated Intel graphic processors.


  • AMD FSR 1.0: for old AMD Radeon graphic processors or built-in AMD graphics.
  • IS NVIDIA: For graphic processors NVIDIA without RTX

Disable Rays Trace

The next thing you can do is completely disable rays tracing.
Select the graphics settings tab in the settings and scroll down to Ray trace.
Disconnect all the following parameters.
Reflections of ray trace: turned off
Shadows of ray trace: turned off
Ambient OCCLUSION: Turned off rays

set the frame rate and turn on the V-Sync.

You can also set the specified frame rate, as well as enable V-Sync to stabilize stuttering in Hogwarts Legacy.
In the section Display in the settings, select the V-Sync tab and turn it on.
This will force your graphic processor to work with a frequency that does not exceed the frequency of updating your monitor.
In the same way, scroll down to the frame rate and select 60. You can choose a higher frame rate, but it is better to leave it at 60 to avoid any stuttering.

Reduce the quality of graphics and population to low

The last thing you can try in the game is to reduce global quality to the low level on the Parameters of Graphics tab.
As soon as this is done, a low value will be established for all visual parameters by default.
You can also reduce the quality of the population to low to get the best frame rate without stuttering.
Here are some of the solutions that you can try to correct the problem with the low frame rate and stuttering on Hogwarts Legacy.
In addition, you can check the availability of graphic drivers updates and set the high priority of the game in Windows to get the best visual effects in Hogwarts Legacy.
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