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Hogwarts Castle that you will travel at Hogwarts Legacy is full of secrets, mysterious rooms and a multitude of puzzles to solve.


A large part of them will find them from the first minutes that you will spend going from one place to another through the school, among which the doors with some drawings of animals.
To know how to open them you just have to keep reading the following guide.

How to open the doors with animal drawings

The truth is that it has no loss to locate these doors in particular, because they are all exactly the same, such as those of the image that accompanies a little higher to this guide.
A total of ten different drawings include the door, each dedicated to the different creatures that inhabit the magical world.

When trying to open them, some circles appear with some different symbols along with a series of numbers.
Specifically, it is about solving a very simple mathematical operation that consists in finding out how to find the number that appears in the center based on a sum.
Each of the door symbols has assigned its own number that range from 0 to 9, as you can observe more carefully in the following image:
Therefore, around the circle of the center you will see three other smaller ones with a number and/or a symbol along with one or two interrogations represented as follows: ?
and ??.
That means what you have to do is find out what is the missing number, so it will have to locate some buttons with those same interrogations that are usually close to the door in question.
To locate them you can use Revelry to find them more quickly and start clicking until you find the corresponding symbol for the number assigned.
For that rule of three, in the case of the superior image it would work as follows:
If you have selected the right drawings you will see how the image of the door fades.
Then it will open so that you can catch all the treasures and articles that usually house these secret rooms.

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