One of these is to capture a giant purple frog for teacher Howin. Heres How to Find and Capture a Giant Purple Frog for Teacher Howin in Hogwarts Legacy

In addition to the main lessons and secondary missions, teachers in Hogwarts Legacy also delegate special tasks.
As a reward, you will receive important spells.
These steps are essential to be able to progress in the scenario.
Today we will take a look at Professor Ho win’s homework.
She asks you to capture an oraqui-oral and a giant purple frog.
When completing the task, Ho win will teach the Bombard spell!

Teacher How of Teacher: Capture Magic Creatures

Following your first dealing lesson of magic creatures and the second test of the main scenario, you can finally move on with Poppy Sweetting completing a great mission of history.
Once done, you must unlock the assignment of Professor Ho win.
She will ask you to save two very specific creatures to ing them back to your accurate room:
Purple giant frog
As with all the missions of the game, remember to activate missions tracking!
Thanks to this, you can see directly on your open world map where the nests of these animals are.

Otherwise, here are your locations.

Where to find an oraqui-oralá?

Locate the West Hogwarts Valley teleportation point.


Expand the map to see the icon of the animal’s paw: it is the nest of Oraqui-oralá!
This creature looks a bit like a dodo in different colors.
Ste lately approach if you wish not to scare the creatures, then use a harsh to paralyze the bird for a few seconds in the air.
Use your capture bag immediately and press at the right time (once the circle is complete) 4 times!
If oraqui-oral moves and flee, run after him and pronounces devious to continue the capture.
While there, do not hesitate to capture two oraqui-orals: a female and a male!
This will be useful for creating and completing one of the game’s trophies.

Where to find a giant purple frog?

You will easily find a frog nest north of An shire (Hogwarts’ right teleportation point).
To capture it, you must fill 3 whole circles.
Use the same technique as oraqui-oral.

Get the Bombard Spell

As soon as your two creatures are saved, return to Ho win in the class of the magic creatures to teach to bombard explosion spell.
It is extremely useful because it will allow you to win enemies, as well as unlocking passages in many dungeons.

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