Gerald Asamoah Apologizes to Referee After Schalkes Disappointing Home Game Against Wolfsburg


Once again, the royal blue experienced a change of feelings.
As last, they were, as Gerald Samoa formulated versus VFL Wolfsburg soon after the 0-0, pleased with how the group marches.
From the beginning she fought passionately and closed.
In addition to the dissatisfaction about the result, this time there was also an acute difficulty about the referee team.
After the occasions on Friday evening, coach Thomas Was, in addition to Samoa, Schalke’s head of the license gamer department, was cleared by his annoyance.
We deserved the triumph, but a lot is breaking us at the moment, the ex-professional grumbled.
On the one hand, he meant the absence of joy and particular insufficiencies of his own group, especially in attack.
But after the 0-0, Samoa clearly blamed external impacts for the 3rd absolutely no number in a row.
In added time, Simon Eroded would have easily run to goalkeeper Keen Ca steels if referee Benjamin Brand had not whistled the benefit for Schalke.
I just do not comprehend that, said Samoa.
And: At a penalty scene in favor of the Wolfsburg it is inspected, we are not inspected, Samoa was shocked with a view to the handball in the penalty area of VFL defender Sebastian Barnaul in the middle of the first half.

Samoa exposed that he had currently actively looked for to talk to the referee and his group during the break, the focus of the criticism was the non-checked hand scene.
I was with you and made them knowledgeable about it. They said that they, sorry. But we can’t buy anything for that.
The royal blue must continue to try to put the favorable feelings in the foreground, at the exact same time they are not enabled to close the eyes before their offending problems, also stresses Samoa: The advancement of the past three games is positive, however of course we have to score a goal. We
have to go on, at some time it will work.
The ex-professional states: We have to get confidence and security in training.
DAU now have a lot of time and his team, a long training week is waiting for the Schalke.
Your next game will just be played at Union Berlin on Sunday.

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