Unlock Pre-Sale Rewards with Hogwarts Legacy: Testralio, Track Arts Package and Onyx Hypogrifo – Get All Digital Bonuses Now!

Hogwarts Legacy is now available in advance access to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.
This is the opportunity for many players to finally create their character and visit the iconic castle.
But if you ordered a standard version or bought Deluxe/collector, you may be wondering how to claim your unique bonuses.

How to get pre-sale and deluxe edition rewards?

When you start hogwarts legacy for the first time, pop-ups will appear directly on the game screen by stating which rewards you can get: just click Collect.
Note that on the console you may need to download additional content to the digital version.
Once the items are claimed, you will find them directly in the game, but some will be blocked before you can use them.
For exclusive fan club clothes, your home and your wand, it is mandatory to link your warner os Games account to Hogwarts Legacy.
To do this, click Connect (make sure you have a good connection).
You can enter a password or use the QR Code displayed on the screen.
Anyway, make sure you link your Games account to your Warding World account first.

Collect all your exclusive bonuses

Hippogrifo de Onyx

This mount is a pre-sale bonus, regardless of the purchased version.
To enjoy it, it is necessary to progress in the main story to unlock the flying mounts.
This happens early in the game, after his first oom-flying class.
In the case of onyx hypocrisy you need to advance a little further until the standard hypocrisy is unlocked by completing NASA and Poppy missions.


When this happens, you can select Skewing as a riding.
Once this is done, open your equipment menu (your character record where the clothes are visible) and look at the slots on the right: you can click the oom and select the hippogrifo de Onyx riding.

Package of Dark Arts and Australia

This is an exclusive reward for deluxe and collector versions.
For the testing, the condition is the same as the onyx hypocrisy, it is necessary to release the standard hypocrisy before.
Already the cosmetics are released after accessing the Battle Arena of the Dark Arts that is in the forbidden forest.
It is accessible as soon as you can explore outside Hogwarts.
To change clothes and accessories, just go to the menu to change your appearance.

Exclusive PS5 and PS4

If you bought the game only on PlayStation (PS4 or PS5), you will have access to the recipe for the Felix Felicia potion, which is automatically unlocked as soon as you open the accurate room and set your first Potions table.
Hogsmeade’s haunted store mission can be triggered directly on Hogsmeade after having progressed enough in the scenario.
You just need to talk to the domestic elf.

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