How to Expand Your Magical Adventures in Hogwarts Legacy – Updating Vivariums with More Rooms

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to live your wildest magical fantasies.
Whether making potions, riding a broom or throwing Cedar as a witch or a mischievous magician, everything is here.
However, if you are more interested in the magical beasts of the world, it is likely that you have spent quite a long time in Hogwarts Legacy nursery what is most likely, it is running out of space and wonders if you can even more improve your capacity.
Well, there are good and bad news here, and in this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about the various improvements in the nursery in Hogwarts Legacy that will want to concentrate on unlocking, and how can you do exactly that.

Can you increase the capacity of the nursery in Hogwarts Legacy?

Let’s put aside the bad initial news.
The first vivarium that you unlock, which is a beautiful environment similar to a forest, cannot improve its capacity.
You will receive this once you have unlocked the Megastars Room and have completed the mission with Week about domesticating and handling magical beasts.

That means you can only have a maximum of 4 different species and 12 creatures in total living within it.
Since you can raise the various beasts and sell them, you are likely to reach that maximum capacity very quickly.
But do not fear, because although you cannot improve the capacity of that specific vivarium, you can actually unlock more Vivarium rooms, each with its own unique environment that is suitable for the different magical creatures that appear in the game.

How to unlock all Vivarium rooms at Hogwarts Legacy

There are three additional nurseries that you can unlock at the top of the forest that you get initially.
Each of these is linked to complete a different secondary mission, which we have listed below, and it is specified when they can complete them in the game.


  • Coastal/ Player nursery-the difficult situation of the domestic elf is unlocked when completing the secondary mission.
    You can complete this mission after finishing the main astronomy class and The High Keep.
  • Prado de Pastizales nursery-It is unlocked when completing the Phoenix Rising Secondary Mission, which is unlocked when talking with Week after finishing the main mission Name Fitzgerald’s Trial.
  • Santana nursery-It is unlocked when completing the secondary mission of the dead, which is unlocked after the main mission of Charles Lockwood.
    Like the first vivarium you unlock, each of these can contain 12 beasts composed of four different species, which means that in total you can have 48 beasts living in the four Vivarium.
    There are also only 13 species in the game, so you should not worry about not having enough space to house them all.
    That is all you need to know about how to unlock all Vivarium rooms in Hogwarts Legacy.
    To get more information about the game, be sure to consult the links below.
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