Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock Free Digital Rewards with Your Wizarding World Account


Avalanche Software’s game hogwarts legacy is now available in early access to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.
The RPG inspired by the Harry Potter universe takes place at the Hogwarts School of Magic and Witchcraft in 1800, and the protagonist will live as a fifth student.

During the first month of the game, you will be able to rescue exclusive rewards through the Warding World (former Potter more), and the items already available by Twitch Drops.
Here’s how to collect exclusive items by Warding World:

link your accounts Warner os.

Games and Warding World
If you do not have an account on the saga’s official website, you will need to create it and take the tests to decide your home, wand and patron.
Once this is done, follow the next steps to gain access to free cosmetics:
Access the official website to link the accounts;
When logging into your account, the site will write to the profile page and then ask you to return to the Account Connection page;
Connect your account with Warner os.
That done, the following image will appear as a pop-up:
Done this, return to Warding World and click Refresh;
The site will instruct you to download an exclusive wallpaper.
After following the steps above, start the game with your account that is connected to the Warner os. profile.
Games to receive the following items:
Skull mask with beak
School robes of the Fanatic House
From now on, your identity from Warding World will also be your identity in Hogwarts Legacy-you can use your wand and other individual attributes while exploiting Hogwarts.
If you want to create a different story, however, you can choose a new home during the selection ceremony.

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