Discover Your Dream Home in Hogwarts Legacy with the Hogwarts Legacy Hat Test Selector

In the Harry Potter universe, the discovery of the house to which you belong to Hogwarts is what will dictate your personality, your coexistence and what classes will prioritize.
In the game Hogwarts Legacy, saga-inspired RPG, developed by Avalanche Software, these relationships also occur-more shallow.
In the game, the choice of the house will only interfere in the communal room, NPCS protagonist interactions and access to some specific passages.
Still, it is an important franchise ritual.
There are several ways to choose your home.
Those who have already taken the test by Warding World can connect your official website with the Warner os. profile.


Games to import your persona to the game, although the player goes through the Hogwarts Legacy selector hat test anyway.
The game’s selector hat, however, performs much shallower questions than the Warding World test.
If you want more detailed help to see if it combines more with griffin, huffy, skyline or ruling, we suggest you take the site test.
ATTENTION: This article may contain spoilers of the game.

What do you answer the selector hat quiz?

In the game, the selector hat will offer a small test during the selection ceremony of the houses.
As usual, the event sequence takes place in the Great Hall, when new students arrive to start the school year of Hogwarts.

The ceremony, however, is very fast and direct to the point.
The hat makes two simple questions and, for those who already know the basics of the history of each house, it will be very easy to manipulate the answers to fall to the house where they want.
This is because the 4 houses have very striking main features, and the hat asks the player to choose only one between the options.
If you choose ambition, for example, you will surely fall into Slytherin-which is literally called the House of Ambitious.
See, below, the questions and what each answer represents:
Question 1-What are you more eager to do?
I can’t wait to explore.
(Slytherin or Gryffindor)
I can barely wait to start classes (huffy or ruling)
Question 2-What quality suits you more?
Curiosity (Raven)
Loyalty (Hufflepuff)
Ambition (Slytherin)
Courage (Gryffindor)
The second response, being more specific, appears to have greater weight in the selector hat decision.
We tested this theory by responding that we are looking forward to classes (which represents rampage and huffy) and then responding that our character is ambitious.
The hat thought only a few in a row and obviously referred us to Slytherin.
We wanted to go to the ruling, so we rejected the proposal and could freely choose the house we wanted.
It was a little disappointing not to see any selector hat objection, or even a surprise reaction from the other students who were present in the hall.
We believe that a slightly longer ceremony or more detail would have been more interesting.

Which house is really done for you?

Below you will find our guides dedicated to the four Hogwarts houses to help you choose according to your character, the relevant-saga characters and Hogwarts Legacy-, the story of the house and the communal room.

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