How To Get Shivefig Fruit At Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking The Power Of Herbal Potions

Among the many magical things you can do at Hogwarts Legacy, combining herbs and preparing powerful potions is quite normal.
An ingredient that is difficult to track is the old Shivering fruit, which is a common component in many potions.
For those who wonder, here is how to get Shivering Fruit at Hogwarts Legacy.


Let’s start, okay?

Where to get the Shivering fruit at Hogwarts Legacy

We will go straight to the grain: the easiest place to get Shivering Fruit at Hogwarts Legacy is in the Magic Keep store in Hogsmeade.
When you arrive, you can talk to Timothy Teasdale and trade with him.
From here, you can buy Shiveivefig Fruit for 150 coins each.
Alternatively, you can buy Shiveivefig Fruit seeds for 450 coins, although you will need a medium or large pot to plant and grow them.
Of course, cultivating Shielding Fruit is more ideal, since it will be a more reliable source than, for example, buy them individually every time you need them.

What does Shielding Fruit do?

Shiveivefig Fruit is a magical plant that you will find in your adventure that has special medicinal properties.
It is used in the elaboration of potions and is a key ingredient in the offensive magical potion, Thunder brew, as well as in many more.
So what do you know?: That is all you need to know about how to get Shielding Fruit at Hogwarts Legacy.
To get more information, here are five things to do first in the game.

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