Exploring the Martial Arena of Dark Arts in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has a place where you can fight the darkest of the dark wizards of the magical world.
This place is called the combat arena of dark arts, and not in vain.
From the very beginning, you are given complete access to all three unforgivable spells, and you can use them at your discretion.
If you are interested in the use of dark arts, this is how you get access to the arena.

The combat arena of dark arts is surprisingly close to the Hogwarts castle.
In fact, it is so close that you can even stumble upon him at the beginning of the game without even realizing it.
To get to the entrance, go north of the Hogwarts Castle and enter an ominous forbidden forest.
You are looking for an ominous statue between the valley of the rocks.
This statue is the entrance, and it is not deep in the forest itself.
Before the statue allows you to enter, you first need to go through the introductory test that it offers.
Around the statue there are several strange urns.
Destroy all these urns, and the statue will light up and open your way.

Why can’t I access the martial arena of dark arts in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you have reached this place, but cannot access it or not even for you, this is because the combat arena of dark arts is available only for those who have acquired the publication of the game Digital Deluxe. Although this, without a doubt, is a bummer, there are others
The combat arenas you can access.
This is the only thing that is not available.
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