Valorants New Agent: Everything You Need To Know About SmokedCancer

New filtered agent: Smoked Cancer
Smoke Dancer release date
A recent filtration showed that Valorant is developing an upcoming character, an agent with the Smoked Cancer code name.
After the massive success of League of Legends in the genre Mob, Riot Games decided to enter the FPS market with the launch of Valorant.
Shortly after its launch, Valorant became popular instantly for its unique novelty in the game.
Riot Games is well known for his marketing tactics to promote his game to the mass audience.
The company puts a great effort to build the content of their games so that players can play and experience the story and their characters at the same time.
Riot Games launched his 21st agent Harbor, also known as Mage, in episode 5 Act 3, an Indian agent with skills to control water.
Harbor was launched in patch 5.08, and there are already leaks from an upcoming agent who hopes to be discovered slowly.
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New filtered agent: Smoked Cancer

An outstanding data mining in the community called Alleles recently revealed that there is an upcoming development agent with the Smoked Cancer code name.
However, the filter also mentioned that it is only a code name for an upcoming agent for the future and not necessarily the next agent in the line.
Since it is a code name, this is probably not the next agent.
Only one in development.
-Mike |
Valorant news and news (@valorleaks) February 4, 2023,
Based on the name in code, SmokedCerce Like will also be a controlling agent.
However, as Harbor was the last controlling agent, it is unlikely that Riot Games will throw an agent with a similar role in a row.
However, it is too early to say something unless more leaks appear.

Smoke Dancer’s release date

At this time, there is no information about this agent except for the name in key.


Therefore, the release date is still uncertain.
However, we will make sure to update this article as soon as there are new developments.
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