Square Enix Struggles To Stay Afloat Without Final Fantasy: Sales in the Last Financial Year Fall By 7 Percent

Without Last Fantasy capability, it weren’t truly at Square Enix!
Compared to the previous fiscal year, sales figures decreased by 7 percent in 2022.
According to the publisher, the 35 released video games not the level of the previous year have reached.

With Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, a spin-off of the popular RPG series appeared, however this is just to remaster of a spinoff.
The need was for that reason restricted: in Great Britain, for instance, the video game with Zack Fair made a careful start in the leading role.
Productions such as Star Ocean: The Divine Force, Power wash Simulator and Valkyrie Elysium have actually not shown to be a turnover.
In 2021, Final Fantasy VII remake intergrade, which came out for PS5 and PC, made sure a decent turnover.
And the End walker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online also washed up plenty of money in the coffers.
There were no major releases of this kind last year, which is why Square Enix needed to be pleased with fewer earnings.

increase this year probably

This year, however, sales are most likely to increase once again: With Final Fantasy XVI, the PS5 faction is anticipating a genuine cracker that has made a promising impression up until now.
On June 22, you will learn whether the action role-playing video game will fulfill expectations.
In addition, the publication of Last Fantasy VII: Renewal is planned in winter 2023/24.
Due to the second part of the remake, sales are most likely to increase again.


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By the way, Square Enix offered his North American studios in May of the themed year.
As a result, brands such as Burial place Raider or Deus Ex went into the ownership of the Embrace Group.
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