Hogwarts Legacy: A Magic Wand, Replacement Calendars and a Pet Owl – Our First Review on PS5

It’s time to return to Hogwarts for a long time!
Hogwarts Legacy is finally here.
As you might expect, there is a huge amount of things to do in the Hogwarts game, so here’s a bit of first mood for Avalanche Software (not to be confused with Swedish Avalanche Studios).
Before going to Hogwarts, they are adventurous on the cliffs.

Dress a wizard and go out for a lesson

Unlike Harry Potter films and books, Hogwarts Legacy is in the past, until 1890.
So there is no information about the Potter family, but the game is guided by a talented student who, exceptionally, starts his school pursuit directly from the category.
To begin, the player is tasked with editing the character he or she likes to the name, and then the adventure just begins.
Our hero’s hero gets the twigs right from the start.
Professor Fig, a teacher at school, has guided a player-driven student during the summer and at the start of the semester they travel the same journey to Hogwarts.
Beautifully, however, the poop hits the fan, which is why the pair has to deal with the school through the landscape route.
I’m Virender Fountain hill, an avid wizard student.

Magic book in armpit and study

When we get to school, the first magic steps of our hero follow the familiar pattern: first, select a hut!
The sorting hat will be a few questions from the player, which will be selected.
As a nice concession, you do not have to settle for the hat’s decision, but you can re-take the questionnaire if you like, for example, linen, instead of a bold.
The sorting hat knows.
After that, we go to find the necessary crabs from the slopes, such as the magic wand, magic drink recipes, the necessary ingredients and others.
In addition to Hogwarts and AHO, as the game progresses, places in the vicinity of the castle and the village, such as the forbidden forest and the dust in its immediate vicinity, will become quite extensive.
Due to its age, the main hero has free access from the castle, so outdoor activities are practically not restricted.
Hogwarts Legacy starts sluggishly, but the story takes a little more rounds within a few hours.
The moderate pace does not really hurt, as Hogwarts and its surroundings are very happy to explore.
The school castle, in particular, is visually a great place where it is easy to navigate and have a lot of fun details, such as a self-playing orchestra and living paintings just to name a couple.
The ghosts of lively life also live in the castle, such as the almost endless nick hobby of the bold.
In Tycho you will find everything you need.
Visually, Hogwarts Legacy is a pleasant watch.
The graphics and the color scheme are pleasing to the eye, and at least the Performance mode runs practically properly before the release.


There is a 4K space, but I didn’t test it.
Music and sound effects, on the other hand, are well-established in the audio landscape familiar to the movies, so the atmosphere is more than just right.

Shooting items!

Throwing one of the most positive aspects of the game is a meaningful and, above all, a satisfactory magic wand, which is interdimensional, but at the same time logical and relatively easy to learn.
In addition to the traditional avoidance of the universal magic of familiar magic, as well as our heroes, we find spells based on the attack and defense, with which finding balance and good tactics is simply damn fun.
Troll’s surprise attack.
Unfortunately, there are also weaknesses.
Characters between the characters are amusingly static because they often make their hands, especially in one-on-one conversations, sometimes waving their hands.
The voice show is doing its thing, but is more cartoonish than in the movies, and the quality of dialogue varies considerably.
The worst downside has been so far, the character chart has not been convinced so far, as unfortunately teachers, students and ordinary traders are quite indifferent cases.
However, I do not believe that Hogwarts Legacy will fall into this aspect, because so many things seem to be in the work.
The story has the potential, and the world, music, exploration and battle are all top-notch, so the actual everyday life is the best A-group in Hogwarts.
The classrooms have a nice atmosphere.

risk, Ranks, but not pops

A few mild bugs came in the beginning, but hopefully they can be smoothed by the release.
During the initial scene, the recording once said a sickish, which led to me wasted about half an hour of progress.
During static conversations, a filter sometimes says Ranks, when the screen looks overexposed.

There was no crash at all, so the Hogwarts is on a stable base.
Brave’s perception of fast glasses.

So the first fibrosis are very positive, and I will continue to adventure with great interest.
The actual estimate appears on the site as long as the trip is behind.
As you might expect, Hogwarts seems to have enough to do for a long time.
Hogwarts Legacy will be released for PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series consoles on February 10th, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is the fourth day of April, while the Switch will arrive on July 25th.

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