Everything You Need To Know About Destiny 2s Lightfall Preload & Maintenance On February 28th

The new DLC of Fate 2 Nightfall celebrates its release this month.
So Bungee will take his servers offline for the brand-new material for a while.
The length of time does we summarize for you in this article with all the essential details and times for the start.
When does the brand-new DLC Nightfall start?
The release of the next large expansion of Destiny 2 Nightfall is planned in Germany for Tuesday, February 28, 2023, at 6:00 p.m.
Traditionally, however, there will be a longer downtime prior to the start, which you must plan.
That you can plan efficiently, Bungee has actually already announced the times for the downtime.
Due to the fact that whatever you wish to achieve in the existing Seasons 16, 17, 18 and the current Season 19 ought to be completed by then.
The seasonal material will leave the video game and are no longer offered in Nightfall.
This is what the current schedule for the Nightfall release looks like:
Destiny 2 will go offline on February 27, 2023, from 6 p.m. for 24 hours.
You can then no longer log in and some services on bungie.net are no longer readily available.
As soon as the server are offline, players of all platforms should have the ability to download Nightfall so that all keepers can be ready at the exact same time at the exact same time.
It is prepared that the Destiny-2 servers will then browse the web once again on time on February 28th at 6:00 p.m. If there are no significant issues, you can play the Nightfall DLC after that.
In this video you can see what awaits you there:
Is login problems to be anticipated?
Yes, that is never ever totally excluded.
Here, however, one need to note that the last start of the DLC The Witch Queen was currently very smooth.
After the prepared downtime, the servers were online once again on time and there were only small lines.
Lots of groups had the ability to start the brand-new material.
For 2023, the gamers for that reason expect an equally nerve-friendly procedure.
For safety’s sake, Bungee pointed out that despite all the regimen of the assistance, queues can never ever be entirely ruled out.
Players should prepare queues: Bungee announced on his website that as quickly as the video game is online again and Nightfall has actually started, lines can be anticipated when registering.
Specifically in the first few hours and later a while during the main video game times.

Nightfall improves filling times and memory requirements

Resource-saving and quick DLC: There was also good news from support.
Many players had worries that Destiny 2 might not grow permanently, especially given that Bungee had actually announced that they would no longer put old LCS in the content vault.
As Joe Blackburn revealed in August 2022, you worked behind the scenes on the Fate engine and prepared your technology and video game so that it will last numerous, many years.
Obviously this appears to be paid in Nightfall.
Although the file size to be downloaded is large for Nightfall, this new setup will improve the packing times of Destiny 2.
The storage space requirement of Destiny 2 will likewise be lower after the Nightfall release.
On which platforms appear Nightfall?
Destiny 2 releases the new DLC on PS4, PS5, the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and on the PC.
Google Stadia is no longer supported since it was terminated.
If you are preparing, after the start of the brand-new DLC, you will discover more information on the day one raid on the specific times of competitive mode in our Nightfall hub:
With this info you must now be able to prepare your start to the upcoming DLC.
There is still adequate time presently so that players can complete their victories and titles.
There are also some relief that ought to assist you.
Bungee has actually gotten rid of the blue engrams from Destiny 2 and therefore opened a short-term alternative to farm legendary pieces to the new DLC.
The adjustment of construction plans for draftable weapons is likewise especially good.

Anybody who was simply misfortune over the Seasons in year 5 or was just too lazy can buy an navigable weapon every day instead of weekly.
In addition, thanks to the seasonal mode solo agent, it has never ever been so easy to do your flawless runs in the dungeons.


It approves a 15 % damage buff against everything.
What does your preparation appear like for the new Destiny DLC Nightfall?
Does that suitable for the German gamers?
Will you attempt to begin the brand-new DLC straight on Tuesdays?
Or do you play it safe and only log in Nightfall when the release and raid stress are totally over?

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