Taipei Game Show 2021: Discover The Secrets of Armored Core 6 In Bandai Namcos Special Broadcast

Banzai NAMC Entertainment held a special broadcast of ‘Armor Core 6’ online for the Taipei Game Show today.


‘Armored Core’ is a mechanic shooting action game series of Prom Software, famous for Soul Lake’s closing price.
In the community, the so-called ‘AC catch’ has become a hot topic to maximize the remaining way of operation.
There has been no news for about 10 years since the launch of the Armored Core 5, but the Mac of the series continued again as the ‘Armor Core 6’ was released at the game award last year.

In today’s broadcast, Our Samundri PD of Prom Software appeared and answered various questions about Armored Core 6 and had time to reveal information.
According to Our PD, the Armored Core series has begun to develop from the time since the founding of Prom Software, and began with ‘Armored Core’, which was released for PlayS fields in the same year after the first work King’s Field.
Since then, a total of 15 works have been released in 2013, including Armored Core Bud dick Day.
Each series has a different feature, but the core of the fun of creating your own mechanics by combining not only weapons but also heads, gloves, lower bodies, etc., creating your own mechanics, and using a variety of operation methods.
This key will also develop and inherit in Armored Core 6.

It was also mentioned the situation that took 10 years before the new announcement of Armored Core.
Our PD explained that many developers, including Miyazaki, have agreed to develop new armors, but they have faced realistic problems in the process of developing multiple works and distributing resources due to the company’s circumstances.
The Armored Core was forced to be pushed down as it took time to build resources.
Miyazaki, CEO of Armored Core 6, was in charge of the initial production process of Armored Core 6 and took the direction of the map design to action with various developers, including Kenneth Development Producers.

As for the direction of Armor core 6, the concept of action that depends on the combination and replacement of the traditional parts of the series, but for 10 years, the Dark Soul series, Blood borne, Senior, and Elden Ring have been developed by developing various titles such as various titles.
He added that he will melt the know-how of.

The Armored Core 6 will inherit the series unique to the series that builds its own mecca and action while assembling and replacing parts, but the story will not lead to the previous work.
The background of this work is the Rubicon 3 Planet, where a mysterious substance is discovered and the company and various organizations are disputes over interest.

The user must participate in the war as an independent mercenary who works there and carry out several missions.

The difficulty of Armored Core 6 emphasized ‘Prom Software’.
However, as the action and strategy that depends on the assembly of the parts are core, they are designed to be designed to achieve a sense of accomplishment by combining this part and action.
In particular, it was developed so that it was possible to assemble as intuitively as possible, as there were many difficulties that users should do with the assembly of each part.

The parts explained that in addition to the similar parts, such as the barrier, four-family walking parts, and file bunkers, etc., the parts will be available in addition to the similar parts, and some of them can be found in the trailer.
The difficulty of the boss predicted that the composition of the boss-specific boss-specific boss-specific boss will be more dynamic and aggressive in the mechanic action environment.

In multiplayer mode, the online arena will be supported, and the story will be played in single play.
In addition, online elements support their own mark ‘Emblem’ and support the ability to exchange with others.
In addition, it will be more fun to decorate your mecca by supporting not only parts exchange but also coloring and emblem.

Our PD said, I’m sorry for letting you wait too long.
I conveyed it.

Armored Core 6 will be available on PS, Xbox, and PC within the year 2023.

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