The Fallout of Cheating: Final Fantasy XIVs Unprecedented Penalty for Raid Group Using Unauthorized Software

Naomi Yeshiva, the head of Final Dream XIV, commented on using unauthorized tools in the MMORPG.
He wonders why the neighborhood constantly desires harder challenges, in order to then water the experience with third-party software.
Tools and mods of third-party service providers are prohibited in Final Fantasy XIV due to the fact that there is no anti-cheat, however the designers have no dealing with to monitor the use of the programs.
The content is designed in such a method that gamers can actually handle it without the aids.
However, it constantly takes place that players utilize illegal programs to get an advantage.
A raid group recently got a lot of mockery and ridicule from the community that was able to get the World First Eliminate in the Ultimate Raid The Omega Procedure.
The group used third-party software to dominate the Ultimate Raid.
Amongst other things, a zoom hack was used to improve the introduction of the battling.
The group likewise utilized a Hatbox pixel cheat, a cooldown tracker and other unauthorized help.
The fantastic response of the neighborhood now likewise called on the strategy.
Naomi Yeshiva, in charge personally, complained about the usage of these help.
He reminded the neighborhood that these programs break the rules.
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chief designer discuss the add-on debate

What did Ship state?
In a longer contribution to the official FIX website, Naomi Yeshiva, who is also known in the community under his nickname Ship, spoke about the debate around the Ultimate Raid The Omega Procedure.
He confirmed the suspicion of the neighborhood that some RAID groups used banned mods for the Ultimate Raid.
Square Enix, the studio behind FFI would completely analyze the occasions and pursue matching details from the community.
To do this, you can likewise use internal information, and some players have actually currently broken the Regards to Service.
Yeshiva can not comprehend why gamers are calling for increasingly harder content on the one hand, however on the other hand, however then use forbidden development to make the material easier.
By the way, it is not the very first time that Yeshiva refers to this subject: Employer of FFI is dissatisfied because the finest gamers do not play according to his rules
The developers likewise wish to stop the illegal spread of in-game cut scenes, which expose information of the story.
Yeshiva talks about the fact that there was most likely an internal leakage.
However, the investigations would continue.
What punishments are the players threatening?
In his declaration, Yeshiva makes it clear that making use of mods and third-party software application is prohibited.
In the occasion of a violation, account charges threaten.
This variety from a temporary account lock to a long-term closure of the account.
He also goes into that the private penalties are not made public.
It does not represent business policy to make these decisions public.
On discord servers and community pages, nevertheless, screenshots are flowing, which show the degree of the penalties.


On amongst the pictures you can see a conversation in between a member of the raid group Untamed_and a Video game Master.
The gamer is not banned because he obviously did not use any of the tools, however he is withdrew all successes and titles.
Likewise, the video game master suggests to the gamer to erase the weapons that he got from the raid as quickly as possible.
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