How To Change Your Nickname In Marvel Snap: A Step-By-Step Guide

Marvel Snap requires that all players establish a nickname once they start the game, and if you are one of the unfortunate few that could have been too hurried and did not think much about your nickname, you are in luck.

The game now allows you to change it every month, so you don’t have to live with your mistakes.
Here is how to change your nickname in Marvel Snap.

Change your username in Marvel Snap

Start the game on the PC or your mobile device, then touch your player avatar at the top of the screen.
This will show your current username, title, as well as a list of all avatars that has unlocked in Marvel Snap so far.


Touch your username, then delete the field and enter your new username.
Once you are satisfied with him, confirm your decision and be ready to start.
A warning to keep in mind is that you can only change your username once every 30 days.
This means that if you make an error when changing it, you must wait another month before you can correct it again, so be sure to verify twice before confirming.
That said, it is definitely a welcome change, since Beta players no longer stay with the silly nickname that occurred to them months ago.
That is all you need to know how to change your nickname in Marvel Snap.
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