How To Change Themes In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3: Unlocking the Clear Blue UI

In the Patch of 6.3 Final Fantasy XIV, a new topic of the Clear Blue user interface was added.
This topic uses the more modern aesthetics of Final Fantasy and adds it to the game.
But how to change the topic of the user interface in Final Fantasy XIV?
Here is our guide to switch your user interface.

Changing the topic of user interface in Final Fantasy XIV

There are two ways to change the topic of the user interface in the Final Fantasy XIV.
The first is to go to you the menu system in the menu line and go to the configuration of the menu system.
Access to this can also be obtained using the CTRL-K default combination.
Select the sixth icon, settings of the topic.
From here you can change the topic of your user interface.
Secondly, access to the configuration parameter from the Start menu.


This will lead you to the same menu of the system configuration, which is higher.
You will need to get out of the system so that any changes come into force, and the topic in the main menu will always remain by default when starting the game.
The advantage of changing the user interface in the main menu comes into force immediately after entering the system.

All topics of the user interface in Final Fantasy XIV.

At the moment, there are four topics of the user interface.
In the recent Live Letter, the director of the game Naomi Yeshiva teased that there could be more in the future.
Here are all current topics of the user interface:
Classic FF
Pure blue
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