How To Take Down The Monstrous Leviathan In Dead Space Remake Chapter 6

The boss of the sixth chapter of Dead Space Remake is more frightening than it seems, giving players a lot of supplies before the start of the battle.
The weaknesses of this creature are initially unclear, but as soon as the players find out what to look, they will be able to defeat the creature without much effort.
At higher levels of complexity, the battle with Leviathan requires more attention, since even one attack can cause great damage.
Here’s how to kill Leviathan in Chapter 6 Dead Space Remake.

How to kill Leviathan in Dead Space Remake

Before starting the battle, Isaac can use its kinesis to tighten objects closer to itself.
There are a lot of ammunition and supplies around the arena, and most of them can be picked up without activating the battle.
As soon as the battle begins, Leviathan will begin to attack Isaac with his antennae.
After the Used is completely extended, its base remains vulnerable to attacks.
Isaac can use any long-range weapon to damage the tentacles one after another.
They will begin to rotate active antennae, forcing players to fly in different directions, fighting to avoid a blow.
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After you deal with the antennae, the center of Leviathan will open.
Players can use exploding barrels at any time to cause damage, but their use at this moment will also deal with shells with which Leviathan will shoot at Isaac.
These shells can also be sent back using kinesis, but any kind of damage in the center of Leviathan will cause damage.
After enough damage is applied, the air in the chamber will become toxic, and the players will have to fight along the timer.
Using the same methods, Leviathan will ultimately be sent into space, however, if the players have problems with time limit, they can use the nodes they collected to update the oxygen of the costume and upgrade the costume to have more money.
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