From Professional Footballer to Successful Manager: Jan Schlafraff Talks About His Journey To The Top At SKN St

When Jan schlafraff took control of the job at the SKN St. Pollen twelve months earlier, the former first division group stood someplace in the 2nd division in Austria.
The ex-professional, in 2019 sports director at Hanover 96, has actually been selected managing director of sport and has actually given that turned up the cooperation partner of VFL Wolfsburg.

Present intermediate status: St. Pollen leads the table this winter season.
It is surprising because we understood that we will still need a shift season to more drive our advancement, states Schraffraff in an interview with the.
In sight, the 39-year-old wants to return to the upper house with the SKN.

It is an entirely various, but a very amazing world.

Jan Schlaudraff
And back to Germany?
What the future brings will reveal. I already have the feeling that I can now learn this job here from the pike to, in an environment that does not have this public perception and pressure as in Hanover. It is a total other, however a very amazing world. Now I want to take the next step in St. Pollen, where we wish to accomplish our enthusiastic goals.

error in Hanover would no longer happen to me today

The plans at Hanover 96 were enthusiastic in 2019, but after just half a year, Schlaudraff’s time was the sports director at the Lower Saxony, for which he had actually played for 7 years.
Now he took the action back to relocate the new profession.
Here I have the opportunity to learn how it was not possible in Hanover, describes Sheriff, and I can carry out things as I imagine. In Hanover, I likewise made errors that I have with that
today’s knowledge would no longer take place.

Martin Kind was my supervisor, I did excessive about some things.

Jan Schlaudraff
What errors do he indicate?
At 96, after the farewell to Horst Held and Gerhard Huber, I let myself be amazed a bit without understanding exactly what I can choose at all.
The ex-international continued: But I also have to chalk myself up that I was too excavating to my manager.
It was called Martin Kind.
Schraffraff, who won the legal disagreement versus the second department after his release, stresses: Martin Kind was my manager, I did too much about some things. That was an error that was not to Don’t do the shape that method.
Despite the unfavorable experiences, Chaff did not brake with his ex-club.
The connection to 96 and Hanover, where my kids were born, where we live as a family, has not changed. I keep my fingers crossed for the club and follow it.


And there are no problems for him even with Boss Child.
When he meets the 78-year-old, then I give him his hand. I personally have no resentment on him, rather the contrary.
In the interview (Monday edition, likewise readily available as magazines), Jan Schlaudraff also speaks about the work in Austria, how and where he discovers players for the 2nd league there, he explains the cooperation with vfl Wolfsburg and his connection to the leaving managing director
Jörg Schmidt.

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