Final Fantasy XVI: Blood, Violence and more – role play receives the M17+ from ESRB. As announced at

With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XVI, gamers everywhere are eagerly awaiting its launch. But this time around, the role-playing game has been given an M17+ rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESB). Find out in this article what this means for players and why the game is getting such a high rating.


As revealed on The Video game Awards2022, the role-playing video game Final Fantasy XVI will be launched for PlayStation 5 in June next year.
In addition, the fantasy adventure, which was created under the supervision of Square Enix-Veteran Naomi Yeshiva, was provided age rankings in the USA.
In The United States and Canada, the Home Entertainment Software Score Board Final Fantasy XVI with the M17± Ranking, which clarifies that the role-playing video game is focused on an adult audience.
Similar to the age ranking that we reached from Brazil at the beginning of the month, the reasoning of the Home entertainment Software Application Ranking Boards of Blood, Violence, Partial Nudity and other aspects that explain that we are here with the so far
Deflectors of the Final Fantasy series.

the reason of the ESB in the wording

The ESB discusses in the justification of the age classification: In the cutscenes, more acts of violence and bloody acts are shown: the hands of a figure separated by a sword.
The throat of a guard that was slit with a knife.
A character or the shoulder of a jail that was poked by the chest, which was pierced and twisted by the blade of an auditor.
It also says: There is likewise sexual material in the game: a figure that touches a male in bed.
Notes on prostitution-sexual groan in a brothel.
Dialogues like ‘I like to reveal you… if I can afford it and’… Thank you for your service.

My chamber is right up.
Some characters are represented with partly exposed breasts and butts.
The words’ f k and sh t can also be heard in the game.
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From how numerous years Final Fantasy XVI will be released in Germany is still uncertain.
The role-playing video game will be released on June 22, 2023, for PlayStation 5 and will be released in the kind of Collectors Edition, which costs around 350 euros.
The official product description in Square Enix online store will inform you which content is used for the outstanding rate.
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