Where to get kits for sandwiches in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

While you are on a picnic with your Pokémon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you can cook a lot of delicious sandwiches.
But not a single sandwich in Pale will be complete without a wand for the sandwiches, which will fasten all this together.


The game will give you a handful, but you will need to buy more if you want to continue to rustle with some food.
This is where you can find and buy picks for sandwiches in the game Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.
Samples for the sandwiches were bought from craft bakeries are located in all cities of Pale.
There are three of them in Messages, the first city you visit.
The simplest of them, which can be reached in Messages, is indicated on the map above.

The choice of sandwiches varies in cost, the cheapest can be bought for 120 cash.
The bizarre Sandwich Pick sword, which we used in our example, cost 2000 cash.
The type of choice that you use does not seem to depend on the quality or power of the food of the cooked sandwich when we tested this.
The use of bizarre sandwich chicks, it seems, is just for a box.
This makes you think about whether it is worth buying bazaar bricks for sandwiches, if instead you can just buy ice cream.
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