Who is The Coffin Man in Core Crisis Final Fantasy VII Meeting

CORE CRISIS: Final Fantasy VII MEETING presents a fun Easter egg that configures the appearance of a fans’ favorite member who could very well join Avalanche in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth next year.
During the final chapters of the game in Nibelheim, Zack can explore the ruinous Shira Manor, which houses many secrets related to the general tradition of Final Fantasy VII.
When Zack defeats enemies, he gets keys to open coffins in Shira Manor’s basement, one of which contains a man, who is very alive, but deeply asleep.
So who was the coffin man in Core crisis: Final Fantasy VII Meeting?

Who was The Man in crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Meeting?

The coffin man is none other than our favorite Gothic gun, Vincent Valentine. A dark and mysterious figure, Vincent is a former Turk and another victim of Professor Hobo’s atrocious experiments as seen in Core crisis.
Image Source: Square Enix
Zack’s discovery is a wink to the first gunman meeting with the group in Final Fantasy VII Original.

When Cloud and Avalanche return to Nibelheim seven years after Core crisis events, they find Vincent still asleep in his COF
Creation of Sephiroth.
The group can only recruit it with the promise of revenge against Hobo on their trip.
Vincent has an integral role to play in the general compilation of Final Fantasy VII due to his links with Professor Hobo and the origins of Sephiroth.
The character is regularly considered one of the best members of the group in a Final Fantasy game and would even star in his own derivative title Dirge of Cerberus in 2006. He is commonly seen with his three-gun gun and also has the ability to transform
in a monstrous beast due to the Hobo experiments.
Vincent was just an optional member of the group in the Final Fantasy VII original, but fans should expect a much more important role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth next year.
That is all we know about whom the coffin man was in Core crisis: Final Fantasy VII Meeting.


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