Do I Need To Play Final Fantasy VII To Play Crisis Core: Reunion?

Players who have never played the original Crisis Core will find themselves surprised at the sudden shift in gameplay. This game is a dungeon crawler, where Zack explores various locations on the world to find and defeat monsters to level up and explore more of the world.

Crisis Core: Final Dream 7 Reunion brings Backs commemorated trip to a new generation of platforms, now with present graphics, new mechanics and a variety of enhancements that vary from the user interface of the game to its battle system.
Do you have to have played the original Final Fantasy VII to enjoy the game to the fullest?
To address that and more and to help everybody who is currently uncertain whether you should get the game or not, here you will learn whether you must have played the initial Final Dream VII to have played Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion
to be able to play.

Do you have to play Last Fantasy VII to play Crisis Core: Reunion?

Just stated, no.
Although you don’t always have to play Last Fantasy VII or Last Dream VII remake to enjoy or understand the events that are shown either in Crisis Core or his remaster, we highly advise that those who are new to the franchise
Play the original video game beforehand immerse yourself in Crisis Core: Last Dream VII Reunion, because the game spoils you with the perhaps biggest turn of the main title and a vital part of the experience.
The exact same uses to Last Dream VII remake, considering that the game, although it is in no other way reliant on the initial, can only be entirely experienced by those who are familiar with the original Final Fantasy VII.


It is likewise crucial to mention that Zack supposedly plays a major function in Final Dream VII: Rebirth, so we strongly suggest that you play Reunion prior to the second part of the remake job is launched.
You can play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Change and PC.
– This article was updated on December 16, 2022

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