Ibais and Piques Kings League

The Kings League approaches its beginning and with it the main novelties in this seven soccer league created by IAI Llanos with Gerard Piqué, who will be in charge of presiding over it.
In it, 12 teams commanded by 12 content creators and former soccer players will fight to achieve this first format title that will be played every Sunday since January 1.
In this article, we will tell you the ins and outs of this league and data of interest so that you do not miss anything next days.
So, without further ado, we go with everything you should know about this Kings League

Competition rules

Throughout these days, in the official Twitter account of the competition, they put the rules to the vote, so that the users of this account were deciding the nine important rules that will govern the Kings League:
1. In case of a tie, penalty Tanya will be made from the center of the field
2. There will be out of play (being soccer seven will only be in each area)
3. Band kicks will be made with your hand
4. The changes will be unlimited
5. Cards: If a player receives yellow card will be two minutes off the field.
If a player is expelled, the team will play with one less for five minutes.

  1. Initial serve will be as in water polo (all players leave from the background and one of each team will run to the center of the field to take the ball and start the game)
  2. Dorsal from 0 to 99
  3. The game will be two parts of 20 minutes
  4. Each president will have a random letter per party (we will put the letters below)

Key dates

So that you do not miss anything, and you are informed of everything that happens in this Kings League, we highlight the most important dates for this league format.


  • December 17: Draft
  • January 1: Start of League
  • March, 19;
  • March 25: quarterfinals
  • March 26: Final Four

Calendar of the competition

The first day of the competition has many strong emotions, since There’s team and that of IAI, Siemens and pigs respectively, will be measured in this first contact in the competition.
Other outstanding duels along the league can be the Sunspots against Ultimate Móstoles of day five or LATAM’s duel between annihilators and Pius FC on the last day.

Teams, players and coaches

As the draft progresses and the start of competition arrives, we will update the players and coaches that will make up these teams.
The special players invited by the presidents will put them first.

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