How To Make Chocolate Bread

Tower of Fantasy has a wide collection of dishes that you will need to cook to survive during your adventure trip.
One of those dishes, in particular, is chocolate bread, a 2-star meal that gives a temporary impulse to your character.
As with other Tower of Fantasy dishes, players must collect a certain set of ingredients to prepare chocolate bread.
That said, this complete guide shows how to prepare chocolate bread in tower of fantasy along with his recipe.

Tower of Fantasy-Chocolate Pan Recipe

To make chocolate bread on Tower of Fantasy, you will need the following ingredients:
2x cocoa grains
2x Integral rice
Once you have these ingredients, go to the kitchen station and interact with the stove.
Then, select the upper left menu recipe and drag the necessary ingredients to the pot.


Finally, press the Start Cook button to prepare chocolate bread on Tower of Fantasy.
Image Source: Gotta Studios
Travelers can consume chocolate bread to restore immediately (16% +34,000) HP in Tower of Fantasy.
However, finding ingredients for chocolate bread is a discouraging task, especially if you are a beginner.
Fortunately, we can show you how to get these ingredients to save a beautiful time.

How to get chocolate bread ingredients in Tower of Fantasy

Here is the complete set of instructions to get the chocolate bread ingredients in Tower of Fantasy:
Cocoa grains: travelers must go to the mountainous region of Nadia, north of the Hesperia map, to find this ingredient.
Integral rice: This ingredient can be commonly found in the Nadia region under the island of Cetus and its surroundings.
That is done by the recipe for chocolate bread in Tower of Fantasy.
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