Com2us Announces Global Update to 2022 Baseball Superstars

Comes Holdings (CEO Lee Jong-un) announced on the 15th that it has updated the global update of the 2022 Gatesville Pro Baseball Super Stars (2022 Gem, Global Service Name: 2022 Baseball Superstars).

This update makes it easy to recruit dual properties of popular legendary trainers.
By the 27th of this month, the company will be able to easily get Bee, Isis, and Kinsley.

Each trainer has two attributes, helping to foster powerful players through various combinations.

In addition, various events are held.
The scenario burning event will be held until the 21st of this month to help foster powerful players.
The hot-blooded high school scenario will be applied to 10% of the skill discount when fostering athletes, and training rewards will increase 10% in all scenarios except Gatesville Superstars, Mystic Unicorns and Mechanic Steam Boys.


The Super Pass, which allows you to definitely recruit Superstar Trainer Amoco, will run until the 4th of next month.
In order to feel the coming Christmas atmosphere in the game, various elements such as lobby and stadium are decorated with Christmas themes.

The 2022 Gimpy is a casual non-risen baseball game developed by Comes Holdings.
Detailed updates can be found through the official café.

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