The Azure Vault: A Mythical-Plus Dungeon That Is Shaping Up To Be The Best In World of Warcraft

The Azure Vault is a Mythical-Plus dungeon that is guaranteed to challenge even the most experienced raiders. It provides a short but sweet way to get some high-quality loot, so it’s worth your time if you’re looking for something new to do in WoW. The dungeon has only just been released, so we’ll be updating this article as soon as more information about it emerges.

The azure vault

Wow: Dragon Trip: The Blue Safe (5) Source: The way to the following manager is relatively easy.
One of the most essential things is that you maintain your way far from the little, brilliant runes
When touched and also blow up a short time later on, these come to be larger.
Gamers that do not evade rapidly sufficient are taken into a lengthy sleep.
Captured the therapist, then you get an issue.
The frogs jump backward and forward a little as well as the arachnids’ crusher storms gamers.
Try to stay clear of both as high as feasible.

Te lash Grauschwinge: A lot more runes.

Te lash Grauschwinge is rather simple, but has to be played properly.
All gamers on a regular basis obtain a blue circle them, which causes damage a short time later on, which is why you must be distributed and leaves an ice surface area on the flooring.
Wow: Dragon Trip: The Blue Safe (6) Resource: Rubbed do not put these locations on one of the big runes since you still need them.
A player is additionally targeted by a thick blue beam.
He and also by standing gamers experience pulsating damage.
At the absolute no point, the boss delves into the center as well as triggers huge surface damage.
To prevent this, you have to go right into one of the blue dome that occur on the large runes.
If gelato is now right here, then your therapist needs to pump properly.
If the space is cost-free, you have a simple video game.

Umbrelskul: little mechanics, high requirements

Without trash it goes right to the final boss, umbrelskul.
Revolting magma decreases the lot more you move.
Consequently, you need to only run if it is truly needed.
Your storage tank has to handle large damages as well as your group collects high surface damage as well as will be pushed away, as well as there are some points that have to prevent your employer and also smaller vortex.
Wow: Dragon Trip: The Blue Vault (7) Resource:
The essential mechanics are fragile.
With 75, 50 and also 25 percent employer health and wellness, small crystals are created that job crack.
These have to be knocked off asap.
Finish your cast, accumulate your immense location damage.
You might still survive a couple of, but numerous of them are your secure fatality.
Several of the crystals are also surrounded by a sign, that makes it a lot more hard to kill them.
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Variety of managers: 4
Time frame: 34 minute ducks of the azure safe are not just aesthetically extremely enticing, but additionally happily difficult and also one of the much heavier dungeons of the dragon islands.
Naturally, this does not suggest that you don’t survive with no troubles if you focus on a couple of points.
While the method is going rather linearly at the start, you wind up with different means to pick from.
Some intriguing methods will certainly establish below in the coming weeks, due to the fact that you don’t have to reduce every crowd in the dungeon to obtain the percent.
For the initial check-outs, nevertheless, we recommend that you obtain a relatively straightforward.
Because with all our goes to we really did not see any type of garbage pack that would be so challenging that you must most definitely handle it.
At some time we will come across such groups on the greater degrees and with much more affixes.
Here you will certainly find every little thing you need to learn about the mythical plus dungeons in WoW: Dragon flight Period 1.


  1. 1leymor: bad trees
  2. 2Azurklinge: Lighter than it looks
  3. 3Telash Grauschwinge: Also a lot more runes
  4. 4umbrelskul: little mechanics, high demands

stones as well as trees

The way to the initial boss is packed with mobs.
Go very carefully so that you do not unintentionally pull one or two additional groups.
This applies especially in the narrow corridors.
The crystal temper should constantly be ended up of the group because they have an exceptionally terrible frontal assault, which also leaves a dot.
Wow: Dragon Trip: The Blue Safe (1) Source: Here you can greatly disregard it, as they are typically not at risk.
When a shrilling pup gets wept scream does the by standing stone creatures stir up to life, only.
You ought to likewise have an eye on the arcane nurse.
These tree includes appear moody development, which you ought to interrupt.
It changes an arbitrary gamer into a tree and takes him out of battle.


If that is your therapist, it can swiftly result in a wipe.

LEMON: wicked trees

The battle against SEYMORE stands and falls with exactly how well you handle the Latin sprouts.
If you are too close, these mysterious trees expand once more and also once again throughout the fight as well as trigger damage.
Labor acts about issues at normal intervals.

This in fact triggers modest surface damage, which is increased by 20 percent for each and every existing tree!
Your objective is to damage the trees-and you use in charge attacks.
The container settings SEYMORE so that the frontal assault fulfills as many trees as feasible as well as the rest damages her with bursting out.
All players obtain a circle themselves that blows up quickly after that.
Players hit suffer damages, trees struck are damaged.
A tiny add appears from every damaged tree, which you need to reduce around quickly.
Wow: Dragon Flight: The Blue Safe (2) Resource:

Sleep my child, rest

Wow: Dragon Trip: The Blue Safe (3) Source: After the Boss, you prefer not to wake the crystal temper mobs.
Stun the young puppies as well as swiftly knock them over.
The following couple of mins you will generally deal with mysterious primary.
These try to place you to rest.
Unterbrecht as lots of spells and also healers prepare to remove any rest effects.
You must additionally prevent the radiating runes en route, since they also oversleep you if you do not escape quickly sufficient.
You turn the crystal temper crowds out of the team as well as you must interrupt the constructs when it involves crystallizing.

Azurklinge: Lighter than it looks

The 2nd employer is the Azurklinge.
The container turns them out of the group to ensure that the frontal strike just strikes him and also the remainder paves the way to the big arcades spheres that allows Azurklingen roll in the direction of the group.
The showing up includes interrupt you and also clear them away.
Wow: Dragon Trip: The Blue Safe (4) Source:
In the intermediate phase, in charge leaps right into the center as well as can be safeguarded by Adds.
, if the arcades soften as well as kill the stationary includes one after the other.
Once the last include has fallen, you can strike Azurklinge once more as well as provide you the rest.

Leave the runes in peace

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