Now Cameron Monaghan (Gotham) H His Eyes Focused On The Stars Wars Movies

Cameron Jonathan, the actor who plays Cal Testis in the Star Wars Jedi of Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts video games and who previously participated in the Gotham-between many other series and movies in less relevant papers-, maintains its interest in giving
The jump to the real action of Star Wars with his game character.
This w recently stated to Entertainment Weekly after playing Cal Testis both at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order of 2019 and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, scheduled for March next year, either in a movie or a series.

Will we see Cal Testis in real action of Star Wars?

And since his debut almost 4 years ago Cal Testis, the actor h remained very committed to the role, to the point of wanting to take him to a new level: I love this character.

They are beginning to explore it through other media: we have a novel soon.
It h really been incredible to do it within the video game space because I think the games are very little explored and little used, and they are really only receiving their deserved at this time, says the actor.
People look at games and see that they are incredible, moving and significant.


Therefore, my priority at this time is to make sure we have a satisfactory arc inside the games.
What happens or wherever they want to go with Star Wars from here is an unknown, but I can say that I love lime, and it h been a pleure to find it in recent years.
So we’ll see, concludes the actor on a possible jump to the live-action of such a popular franchise.
In the recent gala of The Game Awards 2022 Cameron Jonathan himself appeared on stage characterized Cal Testis and wielding his ler saber to present the new Star Wars Jedi gameplay: Survivor, in addition to ensuring that this new video game is one of the best
Video games never made of Star Wars.

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