Reyna was apparently faced with the outline of the World Cup. Giovanni Reyna only played a supporting role in the World Cup

It is the final tournament of the World Cup, with 12 teams to choose from. Who do you wish to win the championship? Is it BVB professional or US national team?

As soon as in 83rd minute, once substituted in the 46th minute more, Giovanni Reyna’s World Cup balance is not in the World Cup.
Numerous observers were surprised that the 20-year-old offending man of Borussia Dortmund was hardly able to play in the US group.

Perhaps it was not almost purely sporting factors.
In a speech that he currently gave in New York city last week, but the content of which was only public, coach Gregg Hereafter admitted that there were so big problems with a member of the squad in Qatar
Would have been sent house.

We were ready to book a flight ticket home for him, so it was severe

In the meantime, numerous US media are in line with ESPN and The Athletic- that these were Reyna.


It is not really essential who it was, stated Hereafter to the reports, but she didn’t deny either.
We had a player who clearly did not meet the expectations on and beside the field, said Hereafter in his speech, who need to actually concern the public later.
He was one of 26 players, so he discovered. We sat together for hours and considered what to do with this player. We were prepared to reserve a flight ticket home for him, it was severe.
After that, the training team decided to have another discussion with the individual concerned.
We told him that you have to ask forgiveness to the group, but you also need to state why you say sorry. It has to go deeper than ‘people, I’m sorry’..
He inaugurated the leaders and told them: Okay, this guy will ask forgiveness to you as a group, with the entire group..

an apology with great effects.

This apology had actually happened, and the team would have responded fantastic, according to Hereafter: One by one was gone up and stated: ‘Listen, it was unsatisfactory, you did not satisfy our expectations of a group mate and we.
Desire that to alter. ‘ After that there were say goodbye to issues with this gamer.
It is unclear to the gamer and the teammates.
The Athletic, citing an anonymous source, writes that Reyna revealed a frighteningly little dedication at the World Cup general wedding rehearsal versus the satirical club Al-Gharafa Doha and in training before the World Cup begin versus Wales (1-1) and hence his teammates.
Versus himself.
Reyna, who had consistently been tossed back by injuries in the past couple of months, was only in the second group game against England (0-0) due to his late substitution to his World Cup debut and then once again in the round of 16 against the Netherlands (1.
3) came as a joker ( note 4).
In the BVB jersey, he bid farewell to the winter break with a test video game goal on Saturday.

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