Fortnite Chapter 4 with Geralt, Doom Slayer and enhanced graphic

A new chapter and numerous modifications: Fortnite began as anticipated in Chapter 4 after the world of Chapter 3 was previously torn at a live occasion.

The brand-new chapter brings an entire series of innovations to fortnite, both in terms of content, along with lively and technically.
To name a few things, there is a totally new card, a brand-new Fight Pass, new weapons and the Unreal Engine 5.1 delivers a noticeable graphics upgrade.

Fortnite: The new map in Chapter 4

In the east and south, it grows from quiet farms and green forests.
Nevertheless, the impression may be deceptive, due to the fact that your houses in this region offer a lot of potential for fighting on narrow rooms.

Anybody who begins Fortnite in Chapter 4 for the very first time is invited with a brand-new map that was assembled from various set pieces as a result of the live event.
The new card is roughly divided into 3 large regions, each of which accommodates its own points of interest.

For example, a really snowy location with the harsh bastion and the Lonely Labs awaits you in the north.
Here you can slip into huge snowballs to roll over to opponents, or get associated with a few very slippery battles on the ice.
In the west and north-west, there is a fall region, which concentrates on a mid-age fortress, including the small town.
The new NPC opponent The Timeless is also concealed here.

motorcycle and augmentations

There are also spirited modifications on the new map that should not be neglected.
This includes a brand-new load of weapons, including the ex-caliber rifle, which shoots blowing up swords or a mighty hammer that can also act as a possibility of moving.

Speaking of mobility: In addition to cars and trucks, there is now likewise a motorcycle, more specifically a dirt bike.
With the so-called Trail Trashed, it is not just fast from A to B, but on the way you can also additionally complete bold stunts.
In addition, the drivers can likewise utilize their weapons on the motorcycle to safeguard themselves versus enemies.

The augmentations that are activated in the course of a match are likewise brand-new.
These are benefits that approve different benefits, such as that cars no longer consume fuel or can be much faster.
There are an overall of 22 different enhancements for the release, which are only active up until completion of a match.

Gerald and Doom Slayer in the Battle Pass

Supplied a matching PC with DirectX 12 and current graphics card, you can activate the new graphics functions.
They make sure that light and shadow look fancier and geometric things are more comprehensive.
In the same breath, the Temporal Super Resolution can be activated, which is generally Epic’s own variation of Nvidia’s DLSS relationship between AIDS FSR function.

A brand-new chapter or a new Season from Fortnite can be corresponded with a brand-new Battle Pass.
This time, too, you can optionally obtain the passport genuine cash and therefore unlock different cosmetic material during the season.

Graphics upgrade thanks to Unreal Engine 5.1

In addition to skins that are specifically designed for Fortnite, there are likewise two partnerships.
On the one hand, the Doom Slayer from Doom and Doom Eternal awaits you-including a suitable Calderon glider.
The skin can already be triggered at level 26 in the Fight Pass.

The new graphics functions are just available on the PC, the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X |
S and at cloud streaming services.
On the brand-new consoles you have to deactivate the 120-FPS mode ahead of time in order to have the ability to experience the graphic changes.
You can find more details about the graphics upgrade on the main play website.

On the other hand, Gerald from Rival from The Witcher is likewise contributed to the Battle Pass during the season.

Nevertheless, this will take a while, since according to the In game screen, the monster hunter will not be free in February 2023.


Under the hood there is also a huge upgrade with Chapter 4 from Fortnite: the Unreal Engine 5.1 is executed.
This is accompanied by features such as Nanite, Lumen, Temporal Super Resolution and Virtual Shadows that utilize Impressive Games right away.

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