Valorant: Plagian the video presentation of Chamber to announce a Criquet match in Pakistan


If they read the headline, they will be freaking out in colors, and yes, it seems that in Pakistan, they also know Chamber, the French agent of Valorant. In his latest video on his Twitter account in which they announce a Croquet match between the selection of this country and that of England, this video has many coincidences with the presentation of the agent.

Although it does not seem, when you see the original video, it gives you certain similarities in the presentation of both videos, by the chromatic ranges and for the movements or gestures that are in common between both films. In fact, a user has gone a step beyond all this and has made both videos in comparison so that we see the multiple similarities between these two.

The similarities are more than noticeable and even in several fragments of these videos the movements are practically the same, which makes us indicate that the creator of the video could be the same, or that he had an inspiration in it and passed a little From the great in the mythical you made at the school to leave your friend the workbook and that you put the same answers but with other words.

Chamber will disappear for a while

Speaking of the game itself, Chamber receives several Nerfs that leave him in total game within Valorant. Each one of the character’s skills receive severe nerfs, and that is why in the short term, and when the adjustments are made, this agent will be relegated to anonymity and will have to reinvent himself as Jet did.

In this way, Valorant will have a new goal in the controller role in which Cypher seems to be the jewel of the crown. With the new length of the cables and that does not have any rank so that the same is deactivated, the chamber agent can rotate and defend two pumps at the same time without the need to expose themselves in excess.

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