How to unlock class skills and all weapons in Darktide

In Warhammer 40k: Dark tide there are only four classes to choose from: piker, veteran, Grin and fanatic. Although this may seem simple, various skills and class weapons that you can unlock in Dark tide for these classes will help you largely configure and specialize your character and create a unique assembly at Warhammer 40k: Dark tide.

If you do not know, skills and weapons for each class are blocked when starting, and as the level of a certain class increases, you open new weapons and functions for this class. This manual will list all the skills and weapons that you can unlock for each class in Warhammer 40k: Dark tide, and at what level, so that you can decide in which class you want to invest your time and experience.

Before we move on to the Dark tide class unlock guide, we need to make a statement about the rejection of liability for the weapons we have listed for specific classes. The store has a random factor, so even if the weapon appears at a certain level, this does not mean that you can still use it if you have a low level.

In addition, weapons may appear at different levels, unlike what we mentioned, due to the same random factor. Since Warhammer 40k Daytime is still new, we will continue to update the guide, adding more information about unlocking class functions and weapons.

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  • Piker
  • Veteran
  • Pilot
  • Grin

Parker opens

Jedi Dark tide, poachers, strengthen their mental abilities with the help of Immaterial.

feats of a piker

Level 5

  • Essence collection
  • Absorption of deformation
  • silence

Level 10

  • Anger of the Kinetics
  • Inner calm
  • Complete ruin

Level 15

  • Mental communication
  • Aura of Kinetics
  • Cerebral wounds

Level 20

  • Kinetic deviation
  • Kinetic shield
  • Reason in motion

Level 25

  • Battery deformation
  • Kinetic overload
  • Kinetic player

Level 30

  • Accelerate
  • Rising flame
  • Kinetic salvo

Parker weapon

Level 2: The Sword of the Power of Flame Obscures Mk II [primary]

Level 5: Equinox MK III Trauma Force Staff [Secondary]

Level 8: Romanus Mk VI Surge Force [Secondary)

Level 11: Equinox MK IV Void strike Force Staff [Secondary] (sniper staff)

Level 15: Eighteen’s power staff MK II Pirates [Secondary] (Flame Stock)

a veteran opens

Veterans are the former soldiers of Astra Military and the experienced warriors of the Emperor of mankind.

exploits of veterans

Level 5

  • Confirmed murder
  • Exciting analysis
  • At arm’s length

Level 10

  • Sniper
  • Tactical reboot
  • Demolition warehouse

Level 15

  • Biooptic targeting
  • Team for demolition
  • Fire coating

Level 20

  • Unshakable focus
  • Duck and dive
  • Camouflage expert

Level 25

  • Shipping storm
  • Deadly shot
  • In sequence

Level 30

  • Sustainable
  • Reporting fire
  • Than they are more…

Veteran weapons

Level 7: Lucius Mk II Hello Logan [Secondary]

Level 13: Power Sword Monitor Mk III [primary]

Level 16: Plasma gun M35 Mangalore Mk I [Secondary]

Pilot will unlock

Name them with fanatics, name them by warriors, but the trust of Denotes towards the emperor of mankind leads them to where people with less faith do not dare to go.

exploits fanatic

Level 5

  • Clean the blood
  • Faith is restored
  • Enemies inside, enemies

Level 10

  • Bloodletting
  • Punishment
  • Retribution

Level 15

  • Holy ardor
  • Blessing
  • Inspirational irritation

Level 20

  • Holy Ghost
  • Your anger will be quick
  • Vera restores everything

Level 25

  • The executioner of the emperor
  • Growing conviction
  • Read the martyr

Level 30

  • Calling death
  • Fury of the faithful
  • Clear the wicked

weapons of fanatics

1st level: The heavy sword of the Sapolsky Mk VI [primary]

Level 7: The heavy sword of theology V [primary]

Level 8: Artery MK III Duration Flamer [Secondary]

Level 10: The heavy sword of the MK IX [primary]

Level 11: Tigris Mk II heavy GIP [Primary]

Level 15: Thunder hammer Cruces Mk II [primary]

Grin opens

Giant powerful and faithful shortcomings. They are mainly used as shock troops, since they have limited intelligence.

Grin exploits

Level 5

  • rod
  • Break them well!
  • The best form of protection…


Level 10

  • heavyweight
  • Bombs away!
  • Blood and thunder

Level 15

  • The towering presence
  • Lead the attack
  • Toreador

Level 20

  • Bloodthirstiness
  • Difficult like nails
  • Tenacious

Level 25

  • Payback time
  • Knife through oil
  • Mad bull

Level 30

  • Bull of the mountains
  • Until
  • Inhibitory violence

Grin weapons

Level 5: Grenadier’s mittens Blastoff Mk III [Secondary]
Level 9: Heavy Stubbed Rourke Mk V with two links [Secondary]
Level 10: Combat Hammer ROK Mk II [Primary] The level of trust 10: The slab shield ROK Mk III [primary]

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