GameStop Reportedly Leaking Client Addresses and Other Information

GameStop has reportedly been dripping a load of delicate customer info to other consumers through its own site. GameStop is the most significant video gaming merchant out there nowadays as its competition has been minimized to small mommy and pop stores, online/digital shops, and the very little choice that other sellers like Target have. They have actually managed to make it through the increase of the digital age, though for the length of time remains uncertain. The merchant has actually been slammed for many things throughout the years such as how it pressed NFTs, has been unable to satisfy pre-orders, and a lot more. It’s a quite questionable business at this moment, and it seems that a new story ensures it will continue to live in controversy.

GameStop has actually reportedly been dripping a ton of sensitive client details to other consumers via its own website. GameStop is the biggest video gaming retailer out there these days as its competition has actually been minimized to small mom-and-pop shops, online/digital stores, and the very little selection that other merchants like Target have. According to reports (via VGC), GameStop’s site started displaying other customers’ information consisting of names, phone numbers, addresses, and order histories.

Over the weekend, social media users started reporting that GameStop was leaking private details about other customers. According to reports (via VGC), GameStop’s website started displaying other consumers’ information including names, phone numbers, addresses, and order histories. Some also stated they could see a complete credit card number very quickly, but it’s unclear if that’s accurate or actually true. Some were able to see partial numbers, nevertheless, which is still very alarming. The website was having problems and changing the information that was displayed when it was revitalized, causing a heap of accounts being jeopardized. Since today, it’s unclear if the issue is resolved or if it can still occur. GameStop has yet to publicly resolve the matter, however we will update this article if the business launches any kind of statement.


While it’s not precisely for data to be jeopardized through a hack or something like that, it is very unusual that a glitch like this simply gives other users the details. It’s extremely troublesome to have access to somebody’s account and if they might view orders, there’s a chance somebody might be able to modify orders that are in progress and alter the address it ships to. Hopefully GameStop takes the steps to guarantee this can’t occur again.

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