I have found my new Marvel Snap preferred deer, and has as the protagonist one of Spiders most pochos enemies


Friendship with Multiple Man ended, now my new best friend in Marvel Snap is master negative. It is not that I have him in a very high esteem, and in fact he gave me enough Baloney to know that he would be Sony’s main villain of the Sony Spider-Man, but I give up before him in this spectacular deck.

The grace of this Master Negative deck in Marvel Snap is that the power and attack of all the letters that are in your deck changes, which means being able to launch several beasts such as Devil Dinosaur or White Tiger effortless shifts

The best Mister de Mister Negative

The best news of this deck is that you do not need to have very advanced letters to play it and, in fact, almost all are of the first pool. If you have Mister Negative but not Lockjaw and Mystique, you can surely find a good replacement looking for that most cost synergy than attack.

For the rest, some initial shifts in which the calm must reign, starting with Angela, Wolfs bane and Bishop waiting to have Mister Negative in hand for turn four. Not to happen that, patience, with what you have left you can always find a good strategy so that, among the highest cards, you find a winning combination that takes you to victory.

If you are lucky enough to have stolen it early, Snap and the mess. From that point everything is reduced to knowing what to play and where, being able to plant combinations as crazy as Iron-Man, Devil Dinosaur and Blue Marvel in turn six to turn the game and leave your opponent shaking.

Very important to also be able to take advantage of two other synergies. Lockjaw’s to get rid of initial pools such as Angela or Bishop if you rob them too late and, of course, save that-1 of Mister negative activating his ability before being changed by another letter of the deck.

Also beware of the duo of Mystique and Iron-Man or Mystique and Blue Marvel, but remember that the villain of the X-Men will only copy the continuous ability of the last letter you have played. That is, they will not help you or those that are born from Lockjaw or the ones that bring to the retiree table. Now, to enjoy.

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