Activision Publisher wishes to defend the takeover

Lulu Chen Reserve, COO from Activision, appears to be very amazed. According to her view, Activision wants to battle for the takeover by Microsoft and enforce the merger.

Any tip that the deal might have competitive effects is unreasonable. This merger will benefit the gamers and the United States video game industry-especially because we are challenged with stronger competition from abroad, stated Reserve.

The FTC would like to submit a cartel lawsuit against Microsoft to the youngest and continually reported. Even if it can be questioned that the takeover of Activision Blizzard will be totally avoided, at least concessions can be anticipated.

The fact that such a merger generally benefits part of the gamers showed the takeover of Animal/Bethesda and the other studios purchased by Microsoft. New video games, consisting of major jobs such as Star field or The Senior Scrolls 6, are generally no longer published on PlayStation systems.

Activision wants to protect the transaction

The purchase price of around $69 billion, which Microsoft wishes to buy Activision Blizzard and King, was also referred to as a bargain price.


According to a just recently submitted problem, the background is most likely apparent: to name a few things, the deal was threaded to conserve the head of the Activision CEOs Bobby Joystick. He was included in an abuse and harassment procedure.

Despite this, Activision wishes to defend the takeover: We are determined to continue dealing with the regulatory authorities around the world to make it possible for transaction. But we will not hesitate to eliminate to safeguard the transaction if this is essential, said Reserve’s other words.

According to the application, Microsoft made the most of the crisis and conspired with Kick and the board to help them avoid the expert and personal repercussions of this scandal.

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Considering that the first financiers apparently fear that the takeover stopped working, the course of Activision Blizzard has been substantially fell in current weeks. The course was decreased from just over 80 euros in August to simply over 70 euros per share. Microsoft’s quote, on the other hand, is $95, which corresponds to around 91 euros in the present course and could also discuss Activision Camp.

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