How to evolve in Finizen in Palafin in scarlet and purple Pokemon

Like the Pokémon titles that preceded it, Scarlet and Purple of generation IX are not oblivious to the interesting requirements to evolve certain Pokémon. If you already successfully caught the Pokémon Delphi and you are looking to learn how to evolve to Citizen to Paladin in Pokémon Scarlet and purple it we have covered below.

Explanation of Citizen’s evolution in Paladin

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While Paladin is required to reach a level threshold before it can evolve as follows, the player must also do something extra. Citizen can only evolve to Paladin after reaching level 38 and then rise level in battle during the Union Circle cooperative with at least another player.

For the sake of clarification: so that Citizen evolves to Paladin, the player must participate in cooperative mode with another person when they finance level up. If Citizen reaches level 38 while you are already in a multiplayer session, it will automatically evolve to Paladin at the same time.

If your Citizen has already reached level 38 during the solo game, turning it into paladin is as simple as leveling it again while you explore pale in a cooperative session through Union Circle.


While some players reported that the other player must be looking at Citizen during the battle to begin the evolution, our own citizen rose level at the time it reached level 38 despite the fact that our cooperative partner is in a region in a region completely different from pale in time.

This makes the observation requirement that some players have expressed online seems unnecessary, but it is still an important warning to take into account if you play in cooperative and Citizen mode refuses to evolve even after reaching the required level.

That is all you need to know about the evolution of Citizen to Paladin in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. If you are looking for information on how to evolve to other Pokémon, be sure to read our guide on how to evolve from Subspace to Du dunce. We have similar guides to evolve Gigafarad to Farigiraf and get an ice stone to evolve Pokémon like LEVEE.

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