[Interview] Hunters light, Tsujimoto Ryojo producer

What do you need more? Korean monster Hunter fans called the nickname ‘Light Kimono’ and cheered the producer and tor of Cap com’s monster hunter series producer ‘Sumoto Kyoto’. It was a schedule since the IGC lecture held at the Susan BEX CO exhibition hall, but Sumoto producer responded to the interview with a smiling face without tiredness.

From a lecture that I visited in Korea for a long time, I met the Korean hunters in person, and from the production of the monster hunter series, what he thinks is important, and the frank story of Sumoto Kyoto producer, a developer and one gamer. I heard it.

■ Monster Hunter series production manager, producer ‘Sumoto Kyoto’
Q. There was also the influence of Corona 19, and I know that it is a long time to visit Korea. I would like to hear the impressions of the visit to Korea for a long time and the appreciation of the IGC lecture.

= Yes. How many years is this? It seems to have come in about three to four years. Originally, I really liked Korea, and I had been invited several times from G-Star, but I couldn’t come because the schedule was not right. This time, I have a good opportunity, and I am very happy.

As I gave a lecture, I learned that the number of users who enjoyed monster hunters in Korea has really increased, and I think it was great to be able to meet Korean hunters in person. If you have a chance, I want to come back.

Q. The Monster Hunter series has become a large franchise for many gamers around the world. What does Monster Hunter mean for Sumoto Kyoto producer?

= Monster Hunter has become a game where fans are community together and play together like a festival. It may be a personal idea, but I think all the users who play Monster Hunter are all good. I think it’s a fun title that good people can hang out together.

Q. I wonder if there is a game development philosophy that is particularly important as a producer. What do you think is the most important thing in the process of creating the media of games?

= I think ‘making it pounding’ is the most important. I have been learning from the moment I first entered Cap com, and I have to make a game that is fun, fun and fun. I am developing a game with the idea of making a fun game even when I actually play games, and I want to be unintentionally.

Q. When I appeared on the broadcast to announce the update news, I was impressed with the hint of the next update with a little crude prop. I think gamers were also pretty fun, but this is the idea that Sumoto producer came up with?

= I think about it myself and make it myself. Sometimes I make it from the day before, and sometimes I think of it just before the broadcast and make it urgent. In this case, I make it hard to think that I should invest in 30 minutes and make it quickly. In fact, there are many times when no idea comes to mind, but if you have a good idea, I’ll show you through the broadcast.

Q. The quests that can accompany Mango have been limited, but in the recent update information, we will be able to perform most master rank quests and bizarre quests along with Men Woo. Can you continue to join the blinds in the newly released monsters through the update next year?

= Of course. Except for a few special cases, we are preparing systematically to keep the blindfolds in the new update next year. If you prefer quests with Mango, you can continue to expect updates in the future.

Q. Hunters who played the old works feel that the Rise is similar to the Monster Hunter Portable Third, which was released through the PSP platform. Can you meet the Amateur Magatsuchi, which appeared in the portable third?

= Chino Samundri, who worked on the portable third, also served as the director of Rise, so I think it can feel a similar atmosphere. But adding Amatsumagatsuchi to Rise is not easy. In the IGC lecture, I was able to hear the voices of the visitors who wanted to add ‘underwater warfare’. I think we should always focus on the part we decided to be important as a developer and try to provide users with the best fun in it.

Q. Through the lecture, he introduced me that after the release of a work, I remember what to improve in the next work and reflect it in the next work. After the release of Rise and Sun break, I would like to hear what improvements were left and what direction we plan to make.

= I can’t talk about the next work plan here, but of course I don’t want to finish the Monster Hunter series in Sun break. In the future, we will continue to create a new monster hunter that more users can enjoy. There are a lot of airborne in the game development, and the specifications change on the way. Finally, ‘This monster hunter is also fun!’ In order to make such a work that can be evaluated, all the staff are working hard.

■ I will make a more fun monster hunter so that it can be called ‘Light Kimono’ in the future.
Q. Sumoto producers are popular among Korean gamers. Did you know that Korean users are calling Sumoto producer ‘Light Kimono’?

= I really didn’t know it at all, and this time I learned for the first time. I personally thought about how such a nickname was, but I think it’s probably because I was exposed to media as a development representative. I am happy to call Korean gamers and feel a lot of responsibility at the same time. Furthermore, I am grateful for the gamers in Korea.

Q. When I played Monster Hunter, I always used ‘hammer’, but I want to hear what special reasons are available other than just because the hammer is good.


= It’s because I used hammer for a long time from the beginning of the series, where weapons types were not as much as now, and I play the game centered on attack rather than defending defense when playing fighting games or other games. I really like this feeling, and I really like this feeling when the stun is in accumulating damage to the monster’s head.

Q. I think that all the hunters who use the hammer can sympathize. If there was no ‘hammer’ in the Monster Hunter series, what weapon would you use instead?

= Of course, I think I will make a hammer quickly (laughs).

Q. In addition to the Monster Hunter series, I would like to ask you if you have your favorite games, impressive plays, or preferred game genres.

= I’ve played a lot of games for a long time, but from the past to the present, I like Zelda’s Legend: Wild Breath. Other than other games, there’s a ‘mother’ series. It’s a bit old, but I really like the worldview in this game.

Q. It is known that the developers have participated in the process of inspecting monster expressions in the Monster Hunter film released in 2020. I think it’s a unique experience that is not easy for general game developers. I am curious about the appreciation at this time.

= I think the most important part of the Monster Hunter movie was in the CG expression. CG was used a lot when expressing monsters in the monster Hunter series with strong character. The part of using CG in movies, not games, has been studied in many ways, and the process of seeing how it is made was very helpful.

Q. The 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series is not long. Since the first work was released in March 2004, it is less than a year and a half, and I want to know if there will be something new prepared to commemorate it.

= In fact, we are preparing to show you to the user to celebrate the 20th anniversary. The 20th Anniversary Project has been named and has been prepared in many ways for quite some time, so please look forward to the future.

Q. After the news of the IGC lecture, there were so many Korean gamers heading to Susan to see Sumoto Kyoto producer. If you have a message to fans who have not met in person and to Korean hunters who are still enjoying the Monster Hunter series, please say a message.

= I haven’t visited Korea for a long time, but I have long known that there are many fans who like the Monster Hunter series in Korea. In fact, I was surprised by the passion of Korean gamers, and I was able to feel more than before that they were ‘those who are supporting the current Monster Hunter series’. After the IGC lecture, I had a little time to communicate with my fans, but I think there will be a chance to communicate with more users in the future. Until then, all monster hunter development teams can enjoy Korean gamers more fun.

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