Tortilland 2 says goodbye! Auron confirms the end date and reveals a great event

The final stretch of Tortilla 2 h started. The goodbye of the Minecraft series starring Streamers were still running, but Autoplay h advanced its plans for the lt two months of the year. previously reported in Discord, the series will conclude with a great final event on December 4:

Tortilla ends on December 4, he confirmed in his live. Therefore, there are just two weeks left for the series to write its final chapter. We will make a final event, by Lore, obviously, in which many things will happen, and the servers will be closed to Tortilla 3.

Autoplay h also reported that on November 27 they will celebrate a Christm event. The nougat arrives at supermarkets ahead of time and the influencers are going to eat them in Minecraft. Before closing the seon, we are excited to be able to do something Christm, h been justified.

Absolute Autoplay Record on Twitch

Autoplay continues to make history on Twitch. The Spanish influencer h been the first to overcome the 500 streaming broadcts with a peak of more than 100,000 spectators, a record that demonstrates its excellent state of form, and that h not become rates its partner Each. The Riot Games and IAI Llanos channel are the following on the list, although only exceed 300 broadcts with that number of spectators.


Despite his success on Twitch, Aaron Play recently revealed that his intention is to abandon streaming in one or two years. In his message, he did not guarantee that this withdrawal went to materialize 100%, but he said it w his plan. Anyway, their fans can be calm: it will not disappear. Will continue on other platforms and other different formats.

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