One week of Indie Game Featured News Ranking! CREATURE LAB postponement, Terraria x DEAD CELLS, etc.

Introducing indie game news that has been echoed in a week! GAMESpark’s indie game-related articles will be delivered in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period of November 04, 2022-November 10, 2022 .

GAMESPARK Indie Game News Ranking!

7th place Human recycling factory management sim Organs PLEASE early access start date! 32 pt.

People who are not desirable to move planets are the food for the future.


6th Healing diorama escape game DOORS: PARADOX Released in Steam-Puzzle to use your head simple, 41 pt.

All the variety of diorama is built.


5th place Women’s sexual circumstances drawn nakedly bread clock ADV DEAD PETS UNLEASHED scheduled to be released in 2023: 57 Pt.

As a member of a punk rock band, experience music, friendship, and growth.


4th place Funky Cult Orchestra Sim HONEY, I JOINED A CULT official release! 61 pt.

In version 1.0, many new elements are added.


3rd place Survival builder AQUATIC to build a city on the sea floor is decided! Public beta will also start soon: 71 Pt.

Escape on the devastated ground and create a new world on the sea floor.


2nd place Terr aria 1.4.5 update will be distributed in 2023! Collaboration content with DEAD CELLS: 164 Pt.


Terrain characters also participate in DEAD CELLS.


1st place The crazy scientist sim that emits monsters to the world Creature Lab is postponed: 274 Pt.

I need time to get the best results


Creature Lab, which is a mad scientist, has been postponed. Users who want to remodel the human body quickly are rising. And Terr aria will update DEAD CELLS and a collaboration will be held. By the way, Terr aria was released in 2011 . Who would have expected to update until 2023? GAMESpark editorial department is also concerned about what kind of idea of Final update continues. In order to know the intention, we are contacting RE-Logic, the developer.

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