The best smoke grenades points in Dust 2 in Cs: Go

If you play Counter-Strike, you will realize that it is worth spending time learning the maps. More than that, knowing where to provide concealment and actively destroy the line of vision or the ability to move your enemy will make you win games. Investing in its usefulness is worth it, here are the the best places with smoke grenades in Dust 2 in Cs: Go .

For those who wonder, these fumes will work on any type of ticks rate (124, 64, etc.).

Minus terrorist

cat smoke (Xbox)

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Starting with perhaps the most important smoke location on the map, this is how it is smoked outside X-Box to cross the catwalk.

  • Just from the engender t, Aline in the fold at the intersection of the wall and the railing perpendicular to the middle tunnel.
  • Lift the mouse towards the upper left corner of the intern window frame, then move slightly to the right.
  • From here Santa, launches a smoke grenade and land at X-Box at a time.

Long doors to

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Smoking in the corner watching T entrance for a long time is crucial if the other team has an AWP. If you are reluctant to launch the smoke, most likely you will die immediately and the enemy re-loads behind the wall, ready to shoot again. Ship this smoke to push A at all times beyond the third round!

Here is how to do it:

  • Go down to the second depression in the railing from the engender t and Aline it with the edge so that it is flat.
  • Place the mouse on the stain behind the pipe.
  • Santa and throws your smoke grenade for a perfect landing at all times.

It will land as shown below blocking the view of any sniper.

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Medium site A B

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Are b tunnels too dangerous to push? Tired of being flat when you leave the corridor trembling? Do not be afraid, simply go to B from the central lane Once you are eighteen, this smoke directly in the engender of Counterterrorist and divided the map in half.

Here is how to do it:

  • Stop at the Xbox corner.
  • Points directly in the middle of the two strings of the box, with the sights aligned with the edge.
  • Lanes the Granada, but do not jump.

This smoke will prevent enemies from turning directly from A B. It will also prevent them from shooting you in the back. If you simply think about all the places from which you do not want them to shoot you, you will learn good concepts of smoke grenades quite quickly!

B doors smoke

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The first thing that will happen when the CT on site B listen to their entire team running frantically through the ruins is a rotation. The person who is also, without exception, looking at Middle/Cat-Walk will appear inside the B doors to shoot you instantly.

This smoke lands and prevents:

  • Put on the corner of the ruins, just where the green line is shown in the image.
  • Bend down.
  • Point to the upper left corner of the hole in the ceiling as shown.
  • Throws the Granada, but do not stop or jump.

A simple one, right?

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Exit smoke from Tunnel B

A fantastic placement of smoke grenades that combines well with the previous entry is this smoke. In a nutshell, this blind location the entire back section of site B that looks directly towards the tunnel, but does not blind you. If it blinds the enemy, but not you, it is the perfect smoke grenade.

  • Direct the center of its spotlight down the tunnel, specifically on the left edge of the exit.
  • Move your spotlight a quarter of the road up (25 percent of the wall height).
  • Run forward and throw the pomegranate while you do it.

If you combine them, you will eliminate more than half of the locations that the enemy can visualize you directly. In general, the problem of B tunnels is that you find a firing squad. Try these two fumes in tandem and enjoy their economy again.

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Tc smokes

smoke from tunnel B

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It seems a waste to throw the smoke that terrorists will accidentally throw, but it is better to prevent it from healing! If you expect a strong b push, immediately throw this excellent smoke grenade and cancel completely:

  • Alienate and point directly to the corner of the truck platform.
  • Place the sight of your mouse between the first wooden pillar of the distant crane and the building on the left.
  • Throws the Granada, but jumps while you do it.

The key difference between this smoke location and the previous one:

  • The previous smoke allowed the T’s to leave and never clouded their vision, but provided hiding.
  • This smoke forces T to blindly run through the fog, leaving the tunnel completely visible and partially blind.

A small difference in placement with great results.

CT Long by smoke doors

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This smoke grenade will achieve the same as the previous one and will make the enemy leave a blind bottleneck. That is the only thing he does, and the only thing he needs to do.

This is how it is launched:

  • Get along with the upper part of the divisor towards the back of the car.
  • Be flat against the vehicle.
  • Points where the electric lines are crossed.
  • Then move the mouse to the upper left of the sun.

Much simpler than it seems.

Generation smoke CT

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Do you remember to have read that the perfect smoke grenade hinders the line of vision of the enemies, but not yours?

This placement of grenades essentially makes you invisible and does not degrade your own vision. If the enemy is pushing through Middle and wants to stop him, try this.

They will have no idea what hit them:

  • Skip the white boxes on CT Spawn, move to the corner against the wall.
  • Keep the right button to prepare a Granada balloon, which gently throws the equipment.
  • Point to the right edge of the number 4 and simply take it.

They might even think it is safe to enter site B.

resume the smoke from the site to

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Finally, you will many times push too forward as CT and discover that the bomb was placed behind you. Then, you must take the pump site again, one of the best ways to take again is smoking its own engender:

  • Point to the third from below X, on the left side, as shown above, right next to long doors.
  • Throw back of your grenade and then move the mouse to the upper panel that stands out next to the steel cable on the ceiling.
  • Move the mouse an inch up.
  • Air, but do not jump or move.

If you don’t want them to shoot you while crossing the gap to the site A, spend this grenade.

resume smoke from site B

Image source:

A great smoke to launch to block the vision of the enemy camp pump site, if you need to take B again, you can move through the tunnels and use a variety of the fumes shown. This is specifically better for CT because many players will sit next to the bomb once placed.

Here is how to do it:

  • Get up with the first pillar on the left, as if you entered the ruins on the terrorist side.
  • Look at the edge of the table on the roof, as shown, and then move the look-up an inch
  • Throws the Granada, but do not run or jump.

This is the final location of the smoke Granada that every player must know for the most popular map of the game: Powder 2 .

This concludes our guide for The best places with smoke grenades in Dust 2 in CS: Go. Five fumes for terrorists and five fumes for anti-terrorists were provided. Improving your tactical knowledge and making great use of your profits will substantially increase your range as a player.

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