What kind of game is Sonic Frontier, Developing a new frontier of Sonic ?

Sega will be released by Sega on November 8, PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | Sonic Frontier for S/PC (STEAM). Although the topic is high, some may not know what kind of game it is. This time, I had the opportunity to play the PC version of this work in advance. In this article, I would like to tell you the appeal of the latest Sonic, which has stepped into the first open world-style world.

Even if you have never played the Sonic series, you may know about Sonic’s super-high-speed blue hedgehog. Many Sonic series has been released since Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, which was released for Mega Drive in 1991. In addition to running around the field, I sometimes supported Sega by riding a race car and becoming a pinball ball. He has also appeared in Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series, and appeared in the Olympic Games Mario & Sonic series jointly developed by Sega and Nintendo.

In 2020, Hollywood was produced and turned into a movie as Sonic the Movie. In August 2022, the sequel Sonic the Movie / Sonic VS Knuckles was released. And on December 15, Netflix will also distribute the animation series Sonic Prime. In June this year, Sonic Origin, packed with remasters of past works, was released, and it would have been a chance to learn about Sonic’s starting point for those who have never played past works. It is not an exaggeration to say such Sonic Year 2022. Sonic Frontier will be released as a completely new action of Sonic for the first time in five years.

What is Sonic Frontier

Sonic Frontier is a next-generation stage clear action game that has been extended to the world map itself when selecting the stage and evolved as a playable world map Open Z1. With his fellow Tales and Emmy, the protagonist Sonic heads to the Star fall Islands following the reaction of a jewel chaos emerald with great power. However, the party was swallowed into the cyberspace just before arriving at the island and was separated. Sonic, who has escaped the cyberspace, runs around the Star fall Islands, where the archeological site of ancient civilization has been left to find his friends.

The basic operation when moving is possible to move to the front, rear, left and right, jumps, and dash, as well as a homing attack that approaches the object. And the new action SU cane is the key to solving a mystery, such as finding and operating gimmicks hidden on the field. Combine these actions to push through a wide world to high-speed.

In the case of a battle, a basic combo is possible simply by hitting the attack button repeatedly. If you get a skill piece and learn a new action, the combo will evolve more stylishly. In addition, there are also useful left and right steps for avoiding enemy attacks, Parry that can bounce off enemy attacks, so the more you play, the better you can fight Sonic.

The main purpose of this work is to explore the open zone, Star fall Islands, and search for friends. In order to help your friends and progress through the story, you need an item called memory scattered everywhere in the Star fall Islands. In addition, a mysterious enemy stands in front of Sonic. In the adventure, Sonic will battle with their enemies and approach the mystery of the Star fall Islands and the truth of this case.

The genre of this work is described on the official website as new frontier action adventure. Sega himself has the enthusiasm of the developers who want to do something new. However, the Sonic series has been a work that has gained many fans over 30 years of history. Fans from the past work may be anxious about new things. I think that new players who do not know the past can be enjoyed only with Sonic Frontier. However, this work has created a new era Sonic to incorporate new users, and is in response to the expectations of fans of the past.

What is Sonic in the new era

Sonic Frontier is very different from the previous Sonic series. That is to use the open zone as a new system. The stage of the Star fall Islands is composed of several islands. Kronor, where Sonic first descends, is a green island. In addition, Ares Island, which is covered in the desert, and chaos in the volcanic area, are waiting for Sonic.

The newly drawn Sonic world is very large and beautiful. The curiosity can be ticked just by going through the field, such as the large mountains, mysterious tower, and huge enemies in the distant view. Next, Sonic runs Sonic to everywhere on the island at the speed of sound speed to satisfy the curiosity of what places are waiting.

In this Star fall Islands, Sonic can move freely. Running, jumping, sliding on the rails, jumping big with a spring, running through a wide field endlessly. Sonic moves to the target point in the above way, but the way is fun. In the field of the Star fall Islands, various gimmicks such as springs, rails, and dash panels are available everywhere. When you touch the dash panel, Sonic goes to the spring that is installed first to be sucked. Sonic, who jumped high, bounces over the spring and eventually led to the foothold in the air.


This series of movements is the Sonic of the past, despite the open world style. There are many scenes reminiscent of Sonic so far. The scattered number is tremendous, and if you run a little, you will encounter it as soon as you run. It includes plenty of familiar actions in a wide field, and sublimates into the form of an open zone that can be enjoyed alone.

In this work, there are also elements that are familiar in the so-called open world. The target is the memory required for the story and the items that enhance Sonic’s abilities. In Sonic Frontier, it is at its own speed and exhilaration, and it does not get tired of collecting items. By the way, I enjoyed moving Sonic, and when I noticed, I got various items. In addition, the pleasant sounds of acquiring a ring (an item that replaces Sonic’s life) is still alive, and its sound also helps to create a Sonic and exhilaration.

There are gimmicks in the field not only collect items, but also the map is opened by clearing mysteries and actions. In this work, thanks to the entertainment of the movement itself, you can enjoy those elements. While heading to the destination, I find something and just want to take a detour.

The affinity of Sonic and the open world was surprisingly high. A wide field that makes use of the speed of Sonic and its speed. With the synergistic effects of the two elements, Sonic Frontier has become a new form of an open world-style game where moving is fun. And a new form of Sonic was born.

By the way, Fast Travel, which is familiar in the open world, is released as the game progresses. However, thanks to Sonic’s high-speed movement, even if you move normally, you can reach the destination quickly. If you make full use of the spring installed in the field, you can move faster than just running. If you collect the ring to the upper limit, the maximum speed of Sonic will increase to the maximum, and you can move more and more. This highest speed is too much fun, and you may have few opportunities to use fast travel. The speed can be adjusted as an option. It is also a great system for players who cannot control Sonic’s high-speed movement.

Giant boss standing in front of Sonic

In the vast field full of such fun, there is a mechanize presence that wakes up from the archeological site of the ancient civilization that existed in the Star fall Islands. Among them, there are much larger enemies than Sonic, and they are so large that they can be seen from a distance. Use Sonic’s action to defeat those enemies. Being able to fight a huge boss as it is in a normal field is also the real pleasure of this work.

However, even with Sonic, it is difficult to beat the enemy, which is larger than the mountain, by fighting against the opponent. Therefore, we will make full use of Sonic’s speed and approach the huge opponent’s weakness. For example, AURA, a giant boss that appears on Kronor Island, is an enemy that attacks the ground like a large body like a mountain and attacks the ground. Players can run Sonic on their arms in the gap where AURA hits their hands, and get on the head and attack their weaknesses.

Other guardian deities are huge and have various shapes. Sonic, like a dimension, strikes his weaknesses and defeats huge enemies. The process of riding up your arms or sliding on the rails is all cool until you reach the huge opponent’s weaknesses and defeat them. In addition, by learning new skills, you will be able to defeat them quickly. If you can use new skills to defeat the guardian deity with a more vivid action, you will feel that it has become better.

And a battle with the giant god who is a strong enemy than the guardian deity awaits Sonic at the end of each island. The giant has a larger body than the guardian deity, and its attack is fierce. However, in the battle with the giant god, Sonic turned into a supersonic with the power of Chaos Emerald. A Super Sonic, which has both speed and power, will face aerial battle with the giant god.

At first there is a possibility that you will struggle without knowing how to defeat, but if you get the tips, it will transform into a refreshing battle. Skills bounce off the enemy’s attack and hit the great skill where the gap was born. And it is the best boss battle where you can enjoy the overwhelming strength of Super Sonic, such as launching a rush to the scared giant. The BGM that flows in the giant battle is a song with a feeling of sprinting, and it will be assured that the battle will be even more exciting. You can enjoy high-tension battles from beginning to end.

Sonic that aims for something new while utilizing the history so far

The cyberspace that can be entered by using the portal gear obtained from the guardian deity is a closed action stage unlike the Star fall Islands. Sonic’s first cyberspace is a stage modeled on the Green Hill Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog. The camera also follows Sonic from the back. This is also a production that reminds the fans, reminiscent of the 3D Sonic series such as Sonic Adventure.

In addition to this green hill zone, there are various cyber spaces, such as the horizontal scrolling stage. All the cyber spaces include Sonic. These stages should make fans of the past nostalgic. In addition, there is a challenge element such as clearing time, and it is just a matter of playing repeatedly.

In addition to the cyberspace, there are still many elements directed to fans. After all, Sonic and the characters surrounding him. Sonic, Tales, Emmy, and even Sonic’s rival Knuckles and others also appeared. There are some changes that the knuckles race have been changed from Buckles to Echidna, but the basic relationships are followed by the past Sonic. Cool and slightly sharp Sonic is reassured somewhere with the usual characters.

However, these are only one of the factors that fans are happy, and Sonic Frontier is a work that can be enjoyed without knowing Sonic. Operate fast-footed sonic and exhilarating. Such a simple taste can be fully enjoyed by those who play the Sonic game from this work. Even if the story is secondary, it is the charm of Sonic Frontier to be able to enjoy only with action. You don’t have to be shy because it’s a historic work. By all means, I want you to step into an unknown world with Sonic.

Let’s run Sonic freely

There is a basic flow in the capture of this work. But that’s a trivial thing. You can release the map in the Star fall Islands and strengthen Sonic, or prioritize the story progress over Sonic’s strengthening. It would be interesting to challenge the time attack of the cyberspace. One way is to work for fishing and get the reinforced items and portal gears that you got with the reward. In Sonic Frontier, how to capture is left to the players.

In this form, Sonic Frontier, which can aim for clearing on each way and route, is a new thing that has not been found in Sonic. However, the exquisite balance of making new things while making use of old ones is wonderful. Again, it’s a good persuasive power that makes you think it’s Sonic. Thanks to the distinctive features of each island of the Star fall Islands and the speed of Sonic, it is difficult to feel the slack that is often found in open world works. I want you to take on the adventure of the Star fall Islands.

Sonic Frontier will be released today on November 8 for PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/PC (Steam).

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