FF16 6 months of PS5 time monopoly is clear -Other corresponding hardware is still unknown

In YOUTUBE’s PlayStation channel PlayStation 5-PLAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE, final fantasy 16 has become an exclusive sale for six months on PS5.

This video introduces the compatible titles along with the characteristics of PS5. Among them, final fantasy 16 introduction video includes the word FINAL FANTASY XVI Anticipated Summer 2023 PS5 EXCLUSIVE FOR SIX Months.

This work was announced as the latest in the series at PlayStation 5 SHOWCASE distributed on September 17, 2020. Set on the land of Valise, the story of the people who put the summoned beasts on the dominant and the black area that erodes the world is drawn. Naomi Yeshiva, a producer and director of Final Fantasy 14, is in charge of the producer of FF16. It was also announced that it was for PS5 at the time of the announcement, but at the same time, the word ALSO AVAILABLE on PC has been confirmed, and this character has been erased.

final fantasy 16 is a 6-month PS5 time monopoly and will be released in the summer of 2023. It is unknown at the time of writing whether it will be released on a PC or other hardware after the time is over.

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